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Jan 12, 1998 07:36 PM


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This picks up from the Guinness thread . . . didn't want the re:re:re to cause anyone to think for a moment that we were tapping out over there, yet.

Food is puh-lenty to cover on this appetizing web site, without partaking of beer, much less port and wine and whiskey . . . hey, I'm getting kinda thirsty. . . where was I?

But . .. are these kosher topics for the chowhound message boards? As threads, I guess, not as categories? I mean, sure there are lots of cyber-beer sites out there, yawn, but there ain't nothin' captures the sense of Quest that is chowhound.

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  1. Jordan, don't sweat the ocassional beer message or thread on the food boards. It's fine.

    I love beer as much as you do, but what I really like about the site right now is that we've got an extremely tightly focused community of like-minded people. Which makes it fun, intense...and attractive to advertisers. To bring in a bunch of beer or wine geeks would change things. And we're getting 150-200 visitors a day as is--and that will climb--so I'm not exactly desperate to increase traffic through desperate measures.

    On the other hand, if more people who are already regulars here are anxious to discuss drink topics, I'd certainly consider adding a section here or there. It simply hadn't come up yet.


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      Good points, chowhound.