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Restaurant Portugal

Josh Mittleman Jul 23, 1997 05:35 PM

Riva & I returned to Restaurant Portugal in Ossining
last night, Jim, with your review in mind. Great food!
The soups (kale & potato with sausage, bread soup with
seafood) were wonderful and heavy on the garlic.
Grilled red snapper was perfect.

They fell down on the wine again: No vinho verde in the
house. But they brought me a couple bottles and
a recommendation, and what we got was decent.

My only suggestion: If you don't speak Portuguese,
order by pointing. Our waitress spoke only limited
English and confused our order. It wasn't a problem;
it just meant that my soup was late.

  1. g
    George Patiño May 16, 1999 02:49 PM

    Estou indo para o Festival de Teatro do Porto e gostaria de saber informaações turísticas sobre a cidade, assim como sua gastronomia e comidas típicas, obrigado

    George Patiño

    1. s
      S.Devine Jun 2, 1998 05:16 PM

      Saw Gannet review of Restaurante Portugal and, in
      conjunction with yours,decided to check it out. Busy
      night,(Memorial Day Weekend),had to wait a while for
      the table, but worth the wait! Goat stew and lulas
      (calamari) were great, as were shrimp w/ garlic. Plenty
      of wine choices on hand. Tried a flavorful vinho
      verde, "Lagosta". Too much food, so we had it packed
      to go home in order to leave space for dessert. Bread
      pudding with a port sauce and a terrific flan. Staff
      was pleasant and smiling and "obnoxious" wife was
      anything but, being helpful with suggestions and
      knowledgeable about Portuguese foods. Thanks for the
      Sharon and Pete

      1. j
        jim leff Jul 25, 1997 12:49 AM

        your waitress didn't speak English? Wow, mine sure did!
        She spoke...and spoke...and spoke...

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