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Jul 23, 1997 05:35 PM

Restaurant Portugal

  • j

Riva & I returned to Restaurant Portugal in Ossining
last night, Jim, with your review in mind. Great food!
The soups (kale & potato with sausage, bread soup with
seafood) were wonderful and heavy on the garlic.
Grilled red snapper was perfect.

They fell down on the wine again: No vinho verde in the
house. But they brought me a couple bottles and
a recommendation, and what we got was decent.

My only suggestion: If you don't speak Portuguese,
order by pointing. Our waitress spoke only limited
English and confused our order. It wasn't a problem;
it just meant that my soup was late.

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  1. your waitress didn't speak English? Wow, mine sure did!
    She spoke...and spoke...and spoke...

    1. Jim,
      Saw Gannet review of Restaurante Portugal and, in
      conjunction with yours,decided to check it out. Busy
      night,(Memorial Day Weekend),had to wait a while for
      the table, but worth the wait! Goat stew and lulas
      (calamari) were great, as were shrimp w/ garlic. Plenty
      of wine choices on hand. Tried a flavorful vinho
      verde, "Lagosta". Too much food, so we had it packed
      to go home in order to leave space for dessert. Bread
      pudding with a port sauce and a terrific flan. Staff
      was pleasant and smiling and "obnoxious" wife was
      anything but, being helpful with suggestions and
      knowledgeable about Portuguese foods. Thanks for the
      Sharon and Pete

      1. g
        George Patiño

        Estou indo para o Festival de Teatro do Porto e gostaria de saber informaações turísticas sobre a cidade, assim como sua gastronomia e comidas típicas, obrigado

        George Patiño