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Jun 20, 2006 07:49 PM

How did I live without it?

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I bought one of these stainless steel mesh drain screens last year and now I actually give them as gifts. If you don't have a disposal, try to pick one up. I get mine at a hardware store near me. They are MUCH better than the regular heavy metal kind with the stopper for catching scraps from pans and rice from washing the rice cooker.

What little kitchen item would hate to be without?


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  1. Did not know I needed one until my mom got me one a couple of years ago, from Chinatown (L.A.), probably $2. The one I have, the top flattened part is all metal, not screen, and the edge sits more flat on the sink so nothing gets between the edge and the sink and into the drain.

    1. my microplane grater...

      1. my mini whisks and rubber spatulas.

        I buy any mini (4") whisk I can find! I use them to stir my coffee and whisk small amounts of liquid (egg wash, etc). Use 3 or 4 times a day.

        I have a large jar of spatulas (9 at the current count) that I use all the time for mixing, folding, scaping, spreading, etc.

        Have 'em both at either side of the stove so it's grab 'n go.

        1. Stainless steel scrubing pads. I get them at
          the chinese grocery. They are like tight curls
          of stainless steel ribbons. They never wear out,
          don't rust and seem to be softer than other
          products make for cleaning pots and pans.


          1. I thought I was the only person who gave those as gifts! They are great and they really prevent potential clogged pipes. I accidentally tossed my strainer out and ended up using the old metal one, after about a week I had a clogged sink. I fixed the sink and got a new strainer and no more clogs.