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Jun 20, 2006 07:45 AM

Best Margaritas - need recipe

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Would really appreciate your version of Margaritas. I can't quite get them right!

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  1. 1 part orange liqueur (Grand Marnier, orange curaçao, or, for a weird effect, blue curaçao)
    2 parts quality tequila
    6 parts sour mix (made with limes, recipes abound)

    Mix or shake the liqueur, tequila and sour mix together with ice. Serve on the rocks in glasses rimmed with salt.

    1. 3 parts good tequila
      1 part cointreau
      1 part lime juice (preferably freshly squeezed)

      Throw it in a shaker for about 10 seconds, then served straight up, with or without salt, and a lime garnish

      Just a little tart, just a little sweet, and 100% margarita

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      1. re: CulinaryKate

        This is close to my recipe -- I use 2 parts tequila instead of 3. For the lime juice, I like Nelli's Key Lime Juice.

        I can't stand margarita mixes and most sour mixes. Skip them. As Culinary Kate wrote, use good tequila. That means using 100% Agave tequila (not Cuervo Gold!). Silver or Reposado tequilas are good choices, no need to use aged (Anejo) tequila. 30-30 is a good, inexpensive brand. Herradura is excellent.

        The ingredients aren't cheap, but the drink is worth it.

        I like to drink it out of a martini glass.

        1. re: Darren

          I make my own sour mix... it's three parts sugar to two parts water, boiled until the sugar dissolved, then mixed in equal quantities with fresh-squeezed citrus juice.

          1. re: Darren

            2nd the notion for 100% agave, specifically Blanca or Silver tequila. It's floral/citrusy with bite and mixes seemlessly. Also agree on avoiding the top-top end stuff, you don't want your margarita having an oak-finished taste.

            1. re: joypirate

              Interestingly, my wife prefers a reposado in her margarita... just likes the extra depth of flavor I guess. You can also get a little of that by using Grand Marnier rather than Cointreau or more plain-jane triple sec.

          2. re: CulinaryKate

            Yes! That is the best, and in my world only, way to make a margarita, although I use a little more lime in mine because I like them very tart. I actually typed up my recipe on cards labeled "Persnickety Margarita" and just hand them to the bartender when I order.

          3. I really liked the house margarita at Tonto Bar & Grill in Carefree, AZ, and asked for their recipe:

            2 jiggers sweet & sour mix
            1 jigger orange juice
            1 splash Rose's lime juice
            1 splash Sprite
            1/2 oz. triple sec
            1-1/2 oz. tequila

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            1. re: Deenso

              Thing is, that's not a margarita.

            2. Our ratio is:

              5 parts fresh-squeezed lime juice
              3 parts tequila
              1 part cointreau / triple-sec

              shaken over ice until very cold, strained.

              1. My favorite margarita recipe is the recipe for Fresh Margaritas from Cook's Illustrated. A bit of work, but the citrus flavor is amazing. I don't have time to paraphrase, so I've linked the recipe below


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                1. re: sprout

                  I second this recipe, it is my favorite, and totally worth the effort and "marinating" time. plus for parties you can double or triple the batch. just be careful, it does make a rather strong margarita.

                  1. re: withalonge

                    Gotta third the Cook's Illustrated recipe, even without the steeping process. I used the shortcut method and tripled the recipe, and if I'd had more lemons & limes we'd have made more!

                    1/2 C lime juice
                    1/2 C lemon juice
                    1 C tequila
                    1 C triple sec
                    1/4 C sugar