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Jun 15, 2006 08:09 PM

Coil that boils water/liquids

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Do they still sell the following applicance (I don't really know what to call, which might explan why I can't find it):

A heating element that you can stick into a mug of coffee/tea/soup and heats the liquid to a boil. It is ideal for traveling, dorm rooms,offices etc.

I like to find this to take on a trip. Years ago, I recall my college room mate having one, but I used a hot pot--which is too bulky for my trip (via airplane).

Any help as always appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. re: withalonge

      Here it is...seems expensive for what it is...wonder if I can find it cheaper in Manhattan???


      1. re: Ora

        I have one of these (have had it for years; they're great, just be careful to stick it in the water before you plug it in, and unplug it before you take it out of the water; it can overheat and be ruined very quickly). Even 12.95 seems kind of pricy. I think even my grocery store sells this thing-- you know, along the sides up high where they put all the weird gadgets (drain plugs, tongs, whatever). And I would think that Walmart or the like would sell this. Maybe even an old fashioned HW store.

        1. re: D.Gresh

          Bed & Beyond has them on their wall of small kitchen gadgets

          1. re: MMMM

            I bought the very last one at the 65 St Bed Bath and Beyond today. Thanks you!!!!!!

        2. re: Ora

          This one is probably higher priced because of the dual voltage feature. I'll bet it's cheaper at Wally World.

      2. It's called an immersion heater.

        1. I don't know if there are any such stores in Manhattan, but any equestrian/horse supply store will have them. They are used for heating buckets of water for various barn and horse activities.

          1. I have gotten immersion heaters in drug stores. I do not believe they are difficult to find.

            1. i recall a thread about this (maybe about a year ago? you can try to search) which warned about fire risk. be careful!

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              1. re: freddie

                Someone gave me a really cheapo one, and it melted in the cup! Yes, the cup had water in it.