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Jun 14, 2006 10:47 PM

Using applesauce instead of butter...

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I heard that you can use applesauce in many recipes in place of butter. My question is when is this substitution recommended. Is it for all recipes? I've only seen it done in cookies and cakes. Can you use it for breads too?


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  1. You can use applesauce in place of all or part of the oil/butter in sweet breads like banana, pumpkin, etc. I've found that doing this makes the texture a bit gummier, though.

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      I wonder if using "applesauce in place of all or part of the oil/butter" would loosen up the texture of biscotti and make them a little more cake-like. Even though they are suppozzed to be hard.

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        What does the applesauce contribute that the banana, pumpkin, etc puree doesn't?

        I recently used applesauce in a pumpkin bread recipe, in place of the pumpkin. The result was good, though quite a bit moister. The batter was wetter to start with.


      2. I have been trying to bake low fat since my Dad had his heart attack in the early 90's.

        I have found that most of the "substitute" ingredients produce baked goods that suck. Applesauce, pureed dates, bananas, yogurt, you name it. Gummy messes at worst, decent at best.

        The good news is, sometimes you can just REDUCE the butter quite substantially, and still get a good product. Also, I find that skim milk is interchangeable with whole milk to no detriment in cakes. (cream is a different story)

        The best butter-less recipes are the ones that just happen to be that way, not ones that you sub-ed. Many quick breads call for very little fat, and are pretty tasty.

        But of course, hope springs eternal. If you find the magic bullet, POST!!!