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Jun 14, 2006 04:17 PM

Pre-cooked shrimp - can they be cooked (heated) again?!

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Eep! Was planning on a lovely curried quinoa and shrimp salad for dinner tonight, and purchased pre-cooked shrimp. Now it's cold and rainy, and I don't think I can in good conscious serve a cold meal to guests who will be chilled to the bone after the trek to my house for dinner. I'm trying to turn my dish into a warm one -- is there any possible way to serve the pre-cooked shrimp warm? if so, how? what's the best plan of action here? Toss them into the heated quinoa pilaf and gently heat that way? Scrap the whole plan and make a shrimp curry? Or will they get rubbery? If anyone has a great dish that they heat well in, please share.

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  1. Warmed - gently - either covered in a very low oven or briefly in a microwave - and, of course, expect less-than-perfect (but not inedible) results.

    Or follow your instincts and make that curry, adding the room-temperature shrimp as you take the rest of the curry off the flame.

    1. You can use the pre-cooked shrimp. If they are frozen, thaw just a bit, dry really well and add to your dish. Heat on really, really low heat and they will be just fine, not great, but fine.

      1. I would thaw them lightly (until they are just warmed, not hot) steam them and put them in your dish when you are about to serve it.

        Not great, but should be ok. If anyone wants seconds, they will probably be rubbery by that point, but fresh ones probably would be as well.

        1. It worked out well -- I just gently tossed the almost-completely-defrosted shrimp into the bowl with dressing and chickpeas and warm curried couscous, and gently tossed... the shrimp ended up delightful, and the dish was more room temp, which was fine. Thanks for your help!