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Jun 13, 2006 11:41 PM


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What is the best fryer to buy?

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  1. Well, I presume you've done some research on your own. If so, are there particular features you are looking for?

    Below is a link to a general discussion of electric deep fryers, from Good Eats. Alton prefers the Bravetti Platinum Pro 5-Liter Flash Flyer.


    1. I strongly recommend going commercial if you have the space. I have a great 220V wells deep fryer I bought on Ebay for about $150. It's a tank, and the great thing is that the temperature recovery time is extremely fast compared to residential fryers. I've never been able to get a residential fryer hot enough to hold temperature after the food goes in. (Furthermore the termostats rarely work.)


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        What brand/model number is your commercial deep-fryer?
        Seen it at any national (or Bay Area) outlets? (I will not deal with ebay)

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          it's the F49 (see example link). but if you buy it new its expensive, $600. i had good luck on ebay buying a used unit for 75% less but your luck may vary.


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            Good Lord! I just can't see $600 - you are so right. But recently, my cousin - the pawnbroker - told me about a website that will be a broker with ebay and do all the work for you based on your highest OK'd bid- for a percentage. I think I'll try them. The one time I tried ebay - and lost - it was too stressful for me. But the difference in price for that fryer you got is very, very tempting.

      2. In general, free range chickens taste better and it's nice to encourage kind treatment by buying free-range. If you are looking for a bird that will cook a long time (hopefully at a low temp for tenderness sake), an older/larger bird will give you more flavor. If you are doing a quick-cooking method, a smaller bird will be more tender, a bigger bird will be tougher.

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              good reason to read previous posts before writing in.

        1. Rummage through the Amazon listings, some reviews point to less than quality components.

          I lean towards the ones that come apart completely with lots of dishwasher safe parts. Look for tanks that are physically large enough to handle the items you want to cook. Larger oil quantity is better and there are some two basket models out there that will do family size quantities.

          1. I have a Rival GrandPappy (pretty old) and a Rival MultiCooker. Both fry well but I prefer the MultiCooker. Thermostat goes up to 400 degrees and it heats up quick.

            If you don't have a ton of space or really don't do a lot of frying, pick up a 5QT cast iron dutch oven and fry the old fashioned way. Multi-tasker, as AB would say. You have better control over the temperature.