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Jun 13, 2006 08:59 PM

Lime recipes?

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I stopped by the 99cent store today and they had huge bags of (key?) limes so I bought one. Besides key lime pie and guacamole, any ideas on what I can do with them? Thanks!

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  1. How about ceviche? Or sorbet? I'd make several key lime pies and freeze them. Lime juice also freezes well.

    1. How 'bout a big batch of Margaritas? Fresh lime juice/sugar/triple sec/tequila


      1. If they are indeed key limes I would make something like a sorbet, granita, or key lime pie.
        If they are just limes, mojitos, margaritas, cosmopolitans...all my go to cocktails.
        You could also use the juice and some zest to make a lime mayonnaise (an aioli of sorts) as an interesting dipping sauce for crab cakes or fries, or a zesty sandwich topper.

        1. There was a fabulous lime bundt cake posted here last year...I can pull out the recipe if you want it. I made it for a party and it was great!!!

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          1. The idea of a key lime bundt cake sounded so good that I couldn't wait - I searched for the link and think I found it (see below). I'm going to make this cake the next time I have key limes or kl juice in the house.

            Note: The Chowhound help has an amazing tip for searching ALL the postings - use google or yahoo and include "" in the search. Here's what I entered at to find the bundt cake recipe:

            lime bundt cooking

            I found it on the first try!



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              Thanks for both - the link and the search suggestion

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                I made this lime cake a couple of months ago when I found some key limes on sale. It was very good.

                I documented my baking process in photos, which can be found here - - Click on June in the archives and scroll down almost to the bottom of the page.

              2. Hi Gayla. I've been off site for awhile and didn't get a chance to reply with a recipe but I am so glad that AnnelnMpls did!!! I hope you both like it...tastes better after sitting or a day or so.

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                  Thanks for the lime bundt cake recipe! Looks fabulous!!

                2. I live in Mexico so limes are a staple of life. Whatever you do with lemons we do with limes. I go thru literally dozens in a week. Limeade???? Julia's lemon dressing only with lime? There is very little I cook that doesn't benefit fron a splash or heavy pour of lime - but I was big on lemon in my other life. Whatever marinade you use for fish or chicken substitute lime for lemon.