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Jun 13, 2006 05:36 PM

Gas burner from Taiwan

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I'm planning to buy a single counter-top gas burner in Taiwan—the sort used in Taiwanese homes every day—and bring it back to California. This will give me marvelous BTUs, I hope. I'm assuming propane is used in Taiwan. The system there is wonderful, with gas delivery guys speeding through the streets with propane tanks lashed to the backs of their motorcycles. Has anyone brought one of these to the USA? Any problems?

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  1. Don't think it will be a problem. You might have to purchase a larger propane tank instead of the ones you use for BBQ grill.

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      I'd be VERY careful on this one. Check out whether your state has gas appliance inspection standards similar to Underwriters Lab(UL) regulations. Generally, any appliance needs safety clearance along these lines.If an uncertified, privately-imported gas burner or audio amp burns your house down, the result is NO insurance coverage.The little burners that use small cannisters are OK generally but anything bigger is questionable.I know the type you're considering and I'd be wary since they crank out real heat.

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        I'll stop at nothing in my quest for true wok flavor. A house is so small a sacrifice in the quest for yummy stirfried food. I'm a chaohound, fellas.

    2. These are pretty similiar to the turkey fryers you see over here, they are also available at most large asian markets here.

      I don't know if it would be worth lugging back from Taiwan, and when you burn your house/yard/garage down it might make for an interesting discussion with your insurance company.