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Jun 13, 2006 03:48 PM

They banned my Weber - need outdoor electric grill recommendation

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Last night I had to dismantle my 22 inch Weber Performer grill. After two years, the insurance company of my co-op decided that all grills on our building roof-deck area were a fire hazard and had to be removed (despite presence of fire proof mats, fire-blankets, extinguisher and bucket of water at all times). We never used the propane attachment.

Looks like my friend in is about to inherit the grill – having previously inherited my Weber Genesis Silver C when I moved here.

I’ve been looking for an electric alternative. Chef’s Catalogue has a DeLonghi model described as a “heavy-duty grill integrates an enameled cast iron grate over a 1,500-watt heating element”. Or is the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill a viable alternative? Or should I just accept that I’ll only be grilling when I go to visit my friends.

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  1. I'd probably move but I do have a friend who lives in a condo with a screened porch. She and her husband have been very happy with their Forman stand type grill on the porch. But it holds little appeal to me. You cannot get the flavor and smokiness that you do with a regular or gas grill. You might as well be using a grill pan indoors or your broiler or even better for steaks a hot cast iron skillet. I think the appeal to my friend is that it is outdoors and her home does not pick up any cooking odors.

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      I agree - and I do use both my grill pan and cast-iron skillet when things are desperate. Unfortunately, NYC is hot enought today to remind me why I don't want to cook indoors right now.

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        Yea, it's tough. Few options will appease your insurance companies. The only one I've had luck with is the smokeless Meco.


      2. We have a DeLonghi and really like it. It gets used in the winter time when it's dark and wet outside. Does a good job for what it is. Cook steaks, chicken, lamb chops and burgers on it with no problem. Cleans up easily and doesn't take up a lot of room storing. But, remember, it is an indoor grill, not charcoal. Ours does have a little container that sits below the grill where you can put wood chips however.

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          Do you know if your's is the DeLonghi BG16 Indoor Grill? From what I can tell on Amazon, that's the one with the "Aroma Scenter".

          I like the Chef's Catalogue one because it mentioned having a cast iron grate, but unforunately, it doesn't give any further information.

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            Mine is a couple of years old and it doesn't have a number on it. I know it's 1500 watts and has a cast iron grate. It also doesn't have a top as I've see some advertised with a glass lid. It's completely washable and actually very easy to clean up.

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              I just wish I was your friend to inherit your charcoal grill castoffs!

              Anyhow, I think I have the Delonghi model you are talking about - with a little bowl thingy under the grate in the middle for "aromatics."

              I've probably only used it once or twice in the past 2+ years. The biggest problem I see with it is that there is virtually no ambient heat with it. So, the only heat comes directly from the grate itself. Not sure if that makes sense, but what it means is that if something isn't directly in contact with the metal grill, it doesn't get cooked. For example, I did kebabs on it the first time I tried. Some of the pieces were slightly smaller than other pieces. Those that didn't directly touch the grill (even if only 1/4 inch away) were completely raw. With a real grill or even a cast iron grill pan, there's a lot of ambient heat to cook much more thoroughly. With this, which doesn't produce nearly the amount of heat, it couldn't really cook it well at all. So, next time, I ended up taking some heavy duty foil and, while putting a steak on, covered the grill with foil to fashion a lid of sorts to trap some heat. Worked just OK, but I haven't used it since. Just didn't seem to be worth it.

              That said, I don't live in a charcoal-grill restricted area, so there wasn't that motivation to try to make it work.

              I think a foreman type, with a top and bottom, would work much better and cook more evenly. Never used a foreman, but just my hunch, since it would solve the ambient heat problem.

              I hope all of that makes sense. Good luck.

          2. I'm trying to think of solutions. I inherited a Brinker electric smoker, the bottom section is also a grill. It is better than cast iron (which I like), but not as good as my Weber. Is the roof top wired adequately for electric grills. They use a lot of juice. Can you use the ground floor or parking lot for a picnic type grill? As a final act of retribution, get everyone to plug in their electric grills simultaneously , blow the main circuit board and go out for BBQ!

            1. Oddly enough I own both the Performer and the George Foreman stand up, The only time the foreman sees any action is either when I have a lot of veggies to grill and the weber is already occupied, or I'm too lazy to start up the Weber for shrimp or fish. Even then the Foreman still suffers from cold spots{Furthest away from heating element} and never gets hot enough to do justice to any kind of meat. The DeLonghi does sound like a better choice but I fear after owning a Weber, everything else will pale in comparison. I would move.Good luck.

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                Time for your co-op to investigate with other insurance companies, or move.

              2. I live in NYC and got an electric grill - it's okay but doesn't ever get as hot as charcoal so I tend to do more chicken and burgers rather than steak.


                If you live in NYC, charcoal grilling w/in 10 feet (or maybe it's 15 feet - I can't remember exactly) of a building is against the fire code.

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                  I have one of these (Meco grill). Funny thing is, I've had far more flare-ups than I ever did with a charcoal grill. I just close the lid and let it burn. I just can't bring myself to squirt water on an electric burner.