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Jun 13, 2006 02:42 PM

Using purple cauliflower water

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So I've been on a tear about eating purple vegetables like potatoes and cauliflower since I heard they have the same anti-oxident effect as blueberries.

When I cooked my purple cauliflower, the water turned a beautiful shade of purple. I was thinking I'm probably throwing out water that may have some of those purple health benefits.

Anything the purple cauliflower water could possibly used for?

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  1. Next time just break the cauliflower into florets, rinse and drain and place in a covered microwave safe dish. 1/2 lb. should take about 4 minutes and you don't lose all those nutrients to cooking water. Maybe you can use that purple water to start a vegetable soup.

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      I agree that steaming or microwaving is the healthier alternative.

      As for the water, not only does it have nutrients, but color and flavor (including salt I assume). I would boil pasta in it. Start a soup. Use it for a reduction.

      I currently have three plastic yogurt containers filled with different types of boiling water in my fridge. They are handy and are a great way to add subtle flavor.

    2. Maybe your potted or garden plants would like it.

      1. Isn't this the latest trend - infused flavored waters poured around exotic food?

        I have a feeling that one of those hot Barcelona restaurants might serve purple cauliflower water - flavored with thyme or vanilla - in a fancy bowl with a scoop of ginger risotto and one perfect baby octopus. (Do let me know if you try this...)

        Did you steam the cauliflower? If not, try a steamer insert for your pot (one of those close-in-on-itself metal jobbies) and steam the cauliflower in an inch or so of water.


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          Maybe you could make it into a foam!

          1. re: AnneInMpls

            >>> serve purple cauliflower water - flavored with thyme or vanilla - in a fancy bowl with a scoop of ginger risotto and one perfect baby octopus. (Do let me know if you try this...) <<<

            Not only will I tell you if I make this, I'll tell the world. But alas, it is so hard to find that perfect baby octopus around here.

            The cauliflower was a stretch of my cooking skills, never mind that or foam.

            Thanks for the laugh.

            1. re: AnneInMpls

              steam OVER water, I think she meant?

              Keep the veggies out of the water, and you'll keep the vitamins IN the veggies. Use the steaming water for soups or stews. Or water your vegetable garden or houseplants with it. It makes a nice "tonic"

              1. re: toodie jane

                Even when you steam purple cauliflower you still get some gorgeous lavender colored water in the bottom of the pot. I've used colored water from steaming to cook rice hoping that it would be a natural food color for my bento but alas my rice was just white :-(
                I'd say to use it more for the nutrients or flavor than the color.... and the flavor (unless you've put in other seasonings) isn't much.

              2. re: AnneInMpls

                +1, Ha, ha.
                I'm afraid the lavender-colored water left from cooking purple cauliflower is rather useless as a food coloring agent and the flavor profile doesn't really register high on any scale, either.
                Not all is lost, grey water for the garden.

              3. Sounds like it would make a beautiful risotto, maybe with some oven roasted beets & crumbled ricotta salata over the top.

                1. Whenever I have that sort of simple veggie liquid, and am too weenie to chug it, I give it to my dog or pour it over her food. She loves it and goodness knows her diet could use the nutritional variety.