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Mar 29, 2004 08:56 PM

liang jang pi in san jose

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does anyone know of any good chinese restaurants in the south bay that serves good liang jang pi?

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  1. Liang zhang pi (mixed meat and seafood over mung bean sheets mixed salad style in a special sauce and mustard) is serverd in Shandong style restaurant, or more commonly in Korean-Chinese restaurant. Some of these include China Way and Tong Soon on El Camino Real in Santa Clara, Tsing Tao in Campbell, and Cafe Yulong in downtown Mountain View.


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      any news as far as an authentic gan pong chicken search ?

      1. re: Han Lukito

        No, I have not found any that I can recommend heartily, especially given your high standards for that dish. However, at the Kyopo Korean Market, they sell it as an appetizer small plate to go. Several times I've been tempted to try it since it looked and smelled good. Especially if you arrive at the right time when they've just cooked it and put it out. There's no sauce to these at all.


      2. re: tanspace

        every time i'm in l.a. i go to get some (the korean-chinese restaurants in l.a. are so good). i have yet to find a good one here...which one would you recommend of the ones you listed?

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          I haven't tried them at any of the places I mentioned except Cafe Yulong in MV. And it was pretty good. Shrimp, scallops, julienned pork, all the standard ingredients were there.

          Please do let us know if you try it, how it measures up to LA places.


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            went to tsing tao a few nights ago and it was pretty good--lots of fresh ingredients and the jja jang myun was o.k., the noodles could've been a bit thicker. thanks for the info

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          Reading tanspace's recommendations for this seafood noodle salad with hot mustard dressing, I really wanted to try it having never had it before. Though I live in Santa Clara, I've been timid about ordering in English at Korean restaurants so I only go with my korean friends. Yesterday was one of those occasions when we went to Tong Soon.

          We ordered the seafood noodle salad (Liang Zhang Pi) and it is one of the best dishes I've had in my life. Served in an x-large platter, the large shrimp were fresh-tasting and the sea cucumber had no "off taste" like some places I've tried. Also the broccoli was blanched just right. I really liked the wide mung bean noodles with the slightest crunch to match the texture of the jellyfish. And the hot yellow mustard tied it all together perfectly.

          We also ordered ja jiang myun (black bean sauce noodles), dry style, and it was plenty for 6. It was not very salty, and I liked the slightly high toppings/sauce to noodle ratio. They're not hand made or knife cut, but the noodles (linguine size) had a toothsome texture (more like chewy than al dente).

          Another good dish was the stir fried chives and beef served with "peking duck buns" & hoisin. The 4th dish, the sugar vinegar pork, was good (good balance of sweet & tart) but I'm not a fan of sweet & sour deep-fried pork, even if this is not the bright red chinese-american style.

          The total including a few beers and tax & tip came to $70-something.