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Jun 7, 2006 02:01 PM

"Bloody duck" a la La Tour d'Argent

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I just read that Claude Terrail, owner of La Tour d'Argent, died and they talked about the restaurant's signature dish "bloody duck", all of which are tagged and counted and recently the restaurants celebrated the millionth one served.
So, anybody have an idea of how it's prepared? I'd like to try it without having to go to Paris! Thanks.

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  1. That would be what's more commonly referred to as "pressed duck." You can Google on that and get a number of hits. It's more-or-less possible to make it at home, but you'll need a duck press. I saw a nice brass one at Bridge Kitchenware the last time I was in there - right around $1,000, as I recall.

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      I just checked the Bridge web site and they don't seem to be listing the duck press any more. But here's a link to a very nice one at Fantes for $1,200. I wonder how many they sell?


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        Seems like it might be tough to find a duck that isn't pretty well drained of blood.

        But if I were a hunter, that press might just be worth the investment;-)

        Think Dick Cheney has got one?

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          No it's gone, there was a duck dinner at the hospital that night!

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          Thanks for the link, sounds fact may get 2 or 3!

      2. Here you go...Your post brought back wonderful memories of my meal at La Tour d'Argent about 20 years ago. No doubt the most delicious duck I ever had. The waiter presented the raw duck to us for our approval prior to preparation (wonder if anyone ever sent one back...). I don't believe this preparation can be easily duplicated at home, good luck!


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          Many thanks, Marge, exactly what I was looking for!
          Now will assemble the tools to make it and whatever it cost, I'm still saving on the airfare!

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            You can get a round trip NY-Paris on Air France or Delta for under $500. You could probably find a real duck press there for much less than here. What will you do with the press once you have made the duck?

        2. The obituary of Claude Terrail, owner of LA TOUR d'ARGENT in Paris, is interesting reading.

          One of the oldest restaurants in a magnificent setting overlooking Notre Dame, it is an unforgettable dining experience.

          The Canard au Sang was for many many years the signature dish . It was a delicious dish in the old fashioned Classical Haute Cuisine manner, but not as great as it sounds.

          The preparation requires very special duck from Rouen killed by strangulation (!), special equipment including a duck presse which is a medieval torture like apparatus that the carcass is placed in to squeeze out all the blood and juices.


          1. In the new book, "My Life in France," Julia Child discusses a meal at Tour d"Argent which featured this duck; the entire duck is used, the bones are put through the press..

            I highly recommended this book, by the way.

            1. A great cookbook is Working a Duck by Melicia Phillips and Sean O. McElroy. In their version of Pressed Duck they say "The same results can be obtained without a duck press by chopping the carcass and passing it through a meat grinder. The resulting mixture must then be strained through a very fine sieve."