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Jun 6, 2006 01:59 PM

What is your favorite pickle? (moved from Home Cooking)

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I love hot/spicey those Vlasic tobascco ones. Love em very cold out of the frig. I could eat half a jar or more while watching late night tv.

Does anyone have a hot dill pickle recipe?

What kind of pickles do you like?

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  1. Ba-tempte

    Half sour

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    1. re: taxchic

      Me too! And they're hard to find where I live (Bay Area). I don't eat them right away--I wait a few weeks til they get more sour.

      1. re: taxchic

        count me in too! Half sours from NYC are even more desirable, but I take what I can get here in SC.

        1. re: taxchic

          i really don't think that there is anything better on the planet than a half-sour pickle...

          problem with getting ba-tempte outside of NYC though is that they are never GREEN by the time they get to their destination. and they have to be really, really green or else they are not half-sours in my book.

        2. A friens in Alabama turned me on to Wickles Pickles. Sweet and hot, with a great crunch.
          I am now adddicted, and have served them at cookouts to rave reviews.

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          1. re: Tee

            Thanks for the website. I am on that one. Well, all of them really! I am from hoping Gus on Orchard street in NY has a website!! I would love to go to NYC just to go to pickle perveyors..perfect.

            1. re: Tee
              Niki Rothman

              Do the Wickles Pickles contain any dyes, preservatives or other chemicals according to the label? (sodium chloride - salt, or acetic or citric acid - vinegar, are OK).

            2. j
              Joyce Goldstein

              Ba-tampte is a decent but far second choice but sour or even half sour pickles from Guss-the Pickleman on Orchard Street is the best ever!

              1. I'm a Vlasic guy myself, but have recently become absolutely obsessed with these bread and butter pickles I get at a local restaurant (house-made). I've tried alot of googled recipes, but they are all a bit different...not quite as good.

                1. if you ever have a chance to try a korean pickle ...go for it, baby cucs are cut into for but not all the way through, the end portion is left intact, the quartered pieces are then stuffed with chili flakes and diced peppers and other fine stuff, then packed in jars to allow the flavors to fuse.....they are fabulous.....Asian supermarkets sell them on occassion but only in the fall months....