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Jun 5, 2006 01:49 PM

Store Bought Pizza Dough -- Dead

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I recently bought 4 small bags of pizza dough at the supermarket (not frozen). Wanted to make flatbreads. Kept them in the refrigerator overnight, then took them out and oiled the surface in the morning. At lunchtime, I hand stretched and tossed on pizza stone. They didn't rise, just became tough, doughy and brown.

Did I buy dead dough? Is there a way to tell in the store if the yeasts have kicked? Or did I do something else wrong.

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  1. Two things come to mind. First, did you check the expiration date on the dough? Sometimes they aren't as fresh as you might think they are.

    Second could be the temperature of you home. Maybe the house was too cool?


    1. #1 I think you would be much better off buying a frozen pizza dough than something like that from a supermarket. I can't see how they could create a remotely quality product with any consistancy.

      #2 I have never oiled pizza dough before it rises. It seems like that is a bad idea. It would certainly add to the browning issue.

      #3 I also would not roll it out and then let it rise. You let it rise before you roll it out. Take it out of the fridge. Shape it into a ball if it is not already like that and leave it out for at least an hour (this is assuming it has already risen once at the supermarket). If you think the dough is very wet, then use more flower, if its dry use less.

      As I said, I think buying it from the supermarket like that is a bad idea. I think you would end up with a better tasting pizza from a few decent frozen products on the market. Amy's is good and Vicolo sells frozen corn meal crusts that are very good.

      Either way, I think your method probably didn't help an already mediocre product.

      1. I agree, you shouldn't have oiled them and then stretched them out. Where did you learn that? Just use them as is, the bags were puffy enough, no? Let them sit at room temperature a little if they don't have any air bubbles when they come directly out of the fridge.

        I get perfectly good results with supermarket pizza dough, it's the same stuff they use to make their yucky bread, but tastes great as pizza.