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Mar 28, 2004 11:40 AM

Claypool's BBQ (brief report)

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I visited Claypool's BBQ (Steiner@Lombard, SF) for the 1st time yesterday. I took home a pulled pork sandwich ($5.25), which is served on a good roll with cole slaw topping. I would defintely give it a thumbs up. The pork had good taste and texture. The sauce served in a small container on the side was tangy with a hint of vinegar. In addition to pork, they are now serving BBQ chicken, brisket and salmon, either in a sandwich or on a platter. I will return to try the brisket for sure.

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  1. Did you notice they don't have a smoker on site?

    From what I've heard, they even admit they don't even do their own BBQ. The owner says its cooked to their specifications somewhere else.

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      Yes, I did notice that. The most obvious thing missing from Claypool's is that, since there is no smoker there, it does not really smell like a BBQ joint. Of course, is it unlikely one could get a permit for a BBQ smoker in a restaurant in the Marina without incurring an enormous expense relative to venting it properly and possibly filtering the exhaust.

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        philip claypool

        You are correct. I worked for over a year with a gourmet somoking facility learning by trial after trial how to create BBQ like that I cooked at home. It has been my goal to reproduce with consistancy my BBQ products so that I might bring them to areas where a smoker won't be allowed ie. downtown,high population areas like the Marina,even Napa Valley won't allow it anymore without extensive environmental restrictions. Also I don't have to worry about human error in case Bubba shows up with a mean hangover...... hope you continue to enjoy the flavors we have worked so hard to create.

    2. Yesterday Carey Sweet reported that Philip Claypool will be part of a new barbecue venture in Novato, opening in late April. Unlike his earlier place in San Francisco, apparently this one will have a hickory smoker on site.

      Not much on the website yet, but as you'd expect, the music is great.

      Southern Pacific Smokehouse
      224 Vintage Way, Novato, CA 94945

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        Inside Scoop SF says it's open. The website now has menus and other information. Pulled pork, baby back ribs, chicken, no brisket. Sandwiches $13-$14, plates $17 up.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Drove by this place last week on my was to Costco. It is an impressive looking building from the outside, albeit a bit corporate looking. I was wondering about the origin of the name, as "Souther Pacific" first gave thoughts to Bali Hai and Tahit. The railroad sure make a lot more sense!

          I'll certainly be checking it out soon, although the prices sound a bit high for the area (Costco/Target type freeway mall with less expensive competitors like Chevy's and Fresh Choice, etc.).