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Jun 1, 2006 02:54 PM

Dualit Convection Oven/Toaster

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I need to buy a toaster oven and just noticed the new Dualit Convection Oven that Williams Sonoma carries. It is rather pricey at $200, but it has a lifetime guarantee. I think I like the thought of owning this thing and I probably will not be roasting chickens or making cookies in it. Has anyone purchased this product?

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  1. I bought one last year from a seller on Ebay. I ended up returning it because the rack did not fit in properly. It did not appear to be as well made as the toaster I got at the same time. It was very basic. Didn't have as many options as other ovens on the market. But I hate the look of most toaster ovens. I really liked the look of this one more than anything else. The seller refused to send me another so I never used it more than trying it once or twice.