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May 31, 2006 01:40 PM

ISO Electric Can Opener - Recommendations Please!

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I currently own a Hamilton Beach "penguin" electric can opener and I hate it. It simply doesn't do the job. I need an electic can opener that is compact, works easily, has a storable cord, and is not hand held.

I don't use the opener very often, but I'd sure like it to work when I need it.

Recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Why bother with an electric. The OXO can opening works great, very sharp, opens cans in seconds. Plus, you don't have to plug it in and leave it sitting around on the cournter top.

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      I like my Kuhn Rikon manual that breaks the seal on the lid and does not come in contact with the contents and no sharp edges. You can actually put the lid back on the can. No cords, goes in a drawer. It is much more sanitary than either electric or manual can openers that cut the top.

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        Inquiring Minds

        Thanks for both of your recommendations, but I don't have the strength in my hand to operate the hand held opener, hence the request for the electric model in my original post.

        Any other recommendations?

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          Oh, but that's the beauty of the OXO can openers, both the ones that open the top or the ones that open the sides.

          You don't have to have ANY strength to open with the OXO brand openers. I have carpal tunnel and weak hand gripping power in both wrists/hands. I can open any can, any size or weight with ease with the OXO brand can openers. They're easy to use and clean.

          Got a set for my 75 year old mother in law and she just raves about them.

          I'll never go back to the electric can opener, buy at least one every few years, nightmare!