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May 31, 2006 04:42 AM

Asian sesame oil - your preferred brand?

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I am currently using up the last of my Kadoya brand sesame oil and would like to purchase a different brand next time...any suggestions as to which might be a better brand? I live in California and have plenty of Asian markets nearby. TIA!

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  1. Kadoya is one of the best and freshest I would not change. I have found some other brands to be stale and off.

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      I'll second the Kayoda, but if you really want to change and test out the variety of your grocery stores, go for something that costs as much or more, and has a nice deep color.

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        I've tried others, but always end up coming back to Kadoya. Others don't have that real sesame flavor, and Kadoya also seems to start fresher and stay fresher.

      2. I'm not terribly particular about brands of sesame oil, but I do make sure it's 100% sesame oil and not a blend....oh, and pressed, too. (Mom used to say that pressed is better, but I'm not sure what other methods of extracting the oil are.)

        1. Yeo's from Singapore is pretty good (brown bottle/label).

          1. In the over-the-top (in terms of anal retentiveness) "China Moon Cookbook," Barbara Tropp specifies Kadoya as the preferred brand. I think it's a great sesame oil, and I would definitely stick with Kadoya.

            1. I've never noticed a big difference among the various imported Japanese or Korean brands so I don't think there's any reason to try a different one, except curiosity. More importantly I think is where you get it - turnover is important since it does go rancid a lot more quickly than cooking oils. I assume to roasting/toasting is the problem there, much like it is with a lot of nut oils. Once you heat any oil, it jumpstarts the oxidation process.

              FWIW, it seems to move more quickly at Japanese and Korean groceries than other Asian places, if those are an option.