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Will Owen's Kalua Roast Pork--Wonderful (w/PHOTO)

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Thanks Will for this outstanding recipe!

I had an 8# boneless pork shoulder; used 3 T Kosher salt, 2 1/2 T liquid smoke and put it in a large Ziploc bag overnight. The next morning I wrapped it in foil and cooked it at 275 for 7 1/2 hours, then pulled down the foil and convection cooked it at 375 for one more hour to crisp up the exterior.

The juices/fat looked so yummy, so I dipped my buns in it and grilled them--mmm! We pulled the pork and put it on top of the buns, then poured BBQ sauce over--pure heaven!

Image: http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e10...

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  1. Looks divine! What's your favorite BBQ sauce?

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    1. re: Niki Rothman

      For this I just used what we had on hand. We received a Harry & David jar of BBQ sauce as a gift, was very good on this.

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        Yes. Below is a photo of the inside.

        Image: http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e10...

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          oh my god , meaty goodness and scrummy porkiness

      2. Looks absolutely delicious. Was all the cooking time spent in a convection oven (first 7.5 hrs), or only the second cook without the foil?

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        1. re: Karen

          I used convection for the last hour only.

        2. Fabulous! This recipe is one of the best things I've got off this board--and that's really saying something, as I use tips and recipes from this board all the time.

          Thanks for sharing the photos too.

          1. Thanks for sharing your experience with this recipe -- and the photos! This looks soooo delicious. I've saved the recipe myself for future use.

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              Sure :)
              P.S. A few hours after it is roasting the foil package begins to ooze juices, so place a bit of water in the bottom of the pan (at the beginning or when you observe them leaking out) to prevent them from burning.

            2. One of the things I love so much about this kind of forum is that everyone takes a recipe and then pretty much puts his or her own spin on it. The meat I use is always a skinned Boston butt, and I'd never do anything to crisp the exterior - I want wall-to-wall meltingness, please - but that piece of pig looks awful damn good anyway. I'm thrilled you did it that way and delighted that you liked it. And if you see fit to thank me for it, then you're certainly welcome!

              Don't know if I'd'a dipped my buns in it, though... ;-)

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                Actually, I mis-stated--it was skinless, just looks crispy because of the high cooking at the end.

                P.S. Should have said I dipped my *hamburger* buns it the juices! (Don't make the same mistake I did though, make sure the grill is greased before grilling those delicious, savory buns!)