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May 30, 2006 11:22 AM

Will Owen's Kalua Roast Pork--Wonderful (w/PHOTO)

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Thanks Will for this outstanding recipe!

I had an 8# boneless pork shoulder; used 3 T Kosher salt, 2 1/2 T liquid smoke and put it in a large Ziploc bag overnight. The next morning I wrapped it in foil and cooked it at 275 for 7 1/2 hours, then pulled down the foil and convection cooked it at 375 for one more hour to crisp up the exterior.

The juices/fat looked so yummy, so I dipped my buns in it and grilled them--mmm! We pulled the pork and put it on top of the buns, then poured BBQ sauce over--pure heaven!


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  1. Looks divine! What's your favorite BBQ sauce?

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    1. re: Niki Rothman

      For this I just used what we had on hand. We received a Harry & David jar of BBQ sauce as a gift, was very good on this.

      1. re: jjj

        Yes. Below is a photo of the inside.


        1. re: Funwithfood

          oh my god , meaty goodness and scrummy porkiness

      2. Looks absolutely delicious. Was all the cooking time spent in a convection oven (first 7.5 hrs), or only the second cook without the foil?

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        1. re: Karen

          I used convection for the last hour only.

        2. Fabulous! This recipe is one of the best things I've got off this board--and that's really saying something, as I use tips and recipes from this board all the time.

          Thanks for sharing the photos too.

          1. Thanks for sharing your experience with this recipe -- and the photos! This looks soooo delicious. I've saved the recipe myself for future use.

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            1. re: Seattle Rose

              Sure :)
              P.S. A few hours after it is roasting the foil package begins to ooze juices, so place a bit of water in the bottom of the pan (at the beginning or when you observe them leaking out) to prevent them from burning.