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May 28, 2006 02:24 PM

What is the best way to store juicy, ripe strawberries?

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I just bought a gorgeous flat of strawberries and want to make it last until next Sunday when I can buy some more at my farmers market. I usually store them in the fridge, the pints loosely covered with paper towels. Is there a better way? Ziploc? Paper bag in ziploc? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Ingrid, I think you have the right idea. The only thing that makes them last a bit longer is to put them in a single layer on a sheet pan, not touching and cover with a towel. It's important that they not touch, as it's the contact points that tend to mold or go bad, and one bad berry can start to contaminate the rest easily if they are touching.

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      Oh, and line the pan with parchment. They don't seem to like sitting on metal.

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        Thanks Aaron! Due to space constraints, I could only place 4 pints on a parchment lined pan. The rest I had to keep in pints. I'll post the results of the two batches next week.

    2. A few weeks back this subject came up and someone suggested storing the unwashed berries in a tightly closed jar in the refrigerator. I did not have a spare jar available at the time but but my strawberries in a clear acrylic cannister with a gasket lined clamp down lid. The berries stayed perfect for over a week.

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        i also tried this after reading about it on this board. i used an old pickle jar (no trace of pickle smell of course) and the strawberries lasted well over a week.

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          I've got mine in a large glass mayo jar. 10 days and still going strong.

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            I had a quart of strawberries that lasted about 8 days done this same way. Although with the OP's quantity of strawberries, that's a lot of glass jars. :-)

      2. I bought 3 pints last Sunday at the Hollywood F.M. and asked the vendor how best to store them. He said to use airtight containers, not to wash them (I wouldn't have washed them in any event) and to keep them in the fridge. So I put them in layers, uncrowded, with paper towels under each layer, in plastic tupperware-like containers. I had to use about 4 containers to store them all without crowding. I didn't do more than two layers in any one container. I ate the last of them on Friday and they were still fine. This is by far the best result I've ever had storing strawberries.

        1. No, really try the glass jar thing. It works three or four times better than tupperware/paper which was my storage method of choice for years.

          It even works wondefully with raspberries.

          A really ripe berry will keep two weeks. A ripe but not overly ripe berry will keep three.

          It has to do with respiration of the berries. Glass prevents it. Can't be plastic which breathes. Has to be glass.

          No fuss, no muss. Put berries in jar, take out as needed,

          I make sure I'm not putting bruised berries in the jar. I either eat those immediately or masecate them with sugar and booze.


          1. Anybody tried this method with tomatoes. I k now you don't store 'mates in the fridge, but I've put a couple in a large glass jar and put them on the counter.

            Any experience with full-sized tomatoes and this method is appreciated.

            BTW you can get great jars at the dollar store.