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May 25, 2006 10:43 PM

How do I prepare seasoned seaweed?

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I was in the Asian grocery today and saw a package of "seasoned seaweed" on sale. OK, I'll try anything once, so I bought it. Now, how do I prepare this stuff? Do you eat it as-is, out otf the package? Mix with something?

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  1. its actually one of my favorite snacks. you can slightly roast it over an open flame...but not much...it already has been toasted.

    wrap it simply arounnd sushi rice and enjoy.
    there is something magnificent in the harmony of the bland rice, and salty taste of the sea essence from the seaweed.

    its big in korea

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      It is indeed excellent over rice, especially if shredded.
      It also go over tofu well. I've wrapped wrapped it around mid-sections of tofu, simmered in some sauce, and then sprinkle with sesames.
      I think you can make sushi rolls as well, but I'd never tried doing it myself.

    2. If it's already seasoned, you can eat it right out of the packet, like chips, or with rice, as already noted. These are usually in something like 1x3 inch rectangles, and not useful for maki.

      If you've got something greenish, it's already toasted. Untoasted nori is purple. To toast, carefully wave a sheet over a gas flame until it turns from purple to green. It's a lot harder with an electric stove, let me tell you. Don't light it on fire. Brush with sesame oil and sprinkle with extra-fine (popcorn/pickling) or other salt.

      1. I usually use the teriyaki flavored nori for musubi. If the nori comes from Korea, it is usually seasoned with sesame oil and sea salt. Those I eat straight out of the package or scoop some rice with it. Korean nori seems to be thinner and lighter, so more fragile. The teriyaki flavored nori is great shredded and sprinkled on somen noodles, yakisoba noodles, chirashi and I like it sprinkled on buttered popcorn.
        Furikake seasoning mix on popcorn is real good too.