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May 23, 2006 08:14 PM

Casserole/Easily Transportable and Reheatable Dish for Soon-To-Be Unpregnant Friend?

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Hi All - I'm in search of a recipe for a vegetarian casserole or other dish that can be refrigerated for a while and then heated/reheated. A friend is being induced soon and I'd like to bring something over her and her family (inclu. a 2-year-old who's an adventurous eater) to have on-hand when she comes home from the hospital.

They're ovo-lacto and LOVE cheesy things . . . .

Thanks for your help!

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  1. How about a lasagna, but upscale. If you want to, make the pasta, nice and thin. Layer with olive oil, vegetables (fava beans, asparagus and zucchini that have been sauteed until browned in olive oil with garlic...also add some caramelized onions) and fresh mozzarella and ricotta (drained to rid of excess water). After baking, top with parmesan and broil just until golden.
    I think this would be nicer than just a cheesey tomatoy lasagna.

    1. Seemed like I was pregnant for most of my 30's and I can say from personal experience, MAKE HER SALAD and FRUIT SALAD. I've posted this before, someone made me a huge salad, croutons on the side and I was forever grateful. I craved fresh veggies but didn't have time to chop and having salad ready to go was fantastic. Also, if she will be breast feeding, she will need the hydration of fruit and stuff like cut watermelon, grapes, berries etc. is a godsend and mom's don't have the time prepare this stuff for themselves or family...p.s. most kids love cut fruit!!

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        I second this. I don't think I would have eaten fresh fruits and vegetables for weeks after the birth of my child if not for pre-cut fruit and vegetable trays. Fresh and interesting homemade salads would blow those out of the water.

        For more main course type things, something that can be eaten while standing up while jiggling a baby and with one hand would be great. Maybe like calzones (for the freezer) or some other type of pocket pie? Also things that can be eaten in shifts, i.e. good at room temperature.

      2. I second the lasagne suggestion...that's what I always make for new moms. Buy some of those disposable casserole dishes and make some nice casseroles that can be frozen for a later date. When I had both my babies, I had a freezer stocked with food that I could pull out without even having to was so nice! A good rice and beans with cheese casserole, or a veggie pot-pie. A pound of fresh pasta and some pre-made sauce and a loaf of bread with a bag of salad also makes a nice meal for now moms. Or some frozen soup.

        Think easy and quick! And I found myself still needing a lot of calories when I breastfed, so hearty meals were welcome!

          1. How about:

            Spinach stuffed shells

            Eggplant parm made with cheese ravoli in it

            Potato Gratin with veggies layered in between, eg cauliflower, broccoli, peas, sauteed onions, carrots, etc.

            Veggie enchiladas - fill with vegetarian chili instead of meat

            Veggie curry with potaoes in it - to keep with the casserole idea

            Quiche with salad

            16 bean soup with lots of vegetables in it