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do you love your refrigerator . . . dishwasher(s)?

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I'm in the market for both since we're buying a new house. I miss my old bottom freezer refrigerator (sold with our old house -- don't miss the house, just the appliances!)
Now I want a french door bottom freezer refrigerator! What could be better, and the Amana has that big deli tray compartment that could actually accomodate collards, leeks . . . and perhaps a brussels sprouts stalk.

Anyone have experience w/ a french door bottom freezer refrigerator? LG? Amana? kenmore?

As for dishwashers, I'm leaning towards buying two (2!). Not the Fisher & Paykel drawers, but two full size ones. I find after a big dinner I end up with a sinkful of dirty dishes the next a.m. that I couldn't load into the dishwasher because it was running. I think I would trade up(!) from a Bosch to 2 Kenmores.

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  1. I have a GE monogram bottom freezer that works very well. My dishwasher is a Miele and both my wife and i love it.

    1. I have the Maytag MFF2557HES french door bottom mount freezer and my wife and I are huge fans. When shopping for a new fridge we couldn't believe the limited choices for bottom mount fridges. As for dishwashers I have a Kitchenaid KUDL02FRSS. Works fine but it is not as quiet as I wish it were and I like the new models that allow you to put a large amount of detergent instead of filling it up everytime.

      1. If you'd like a retro look, consider a Northstar refrigerator. It has a bottom freezer and comes in lots of colors.

        1. Rather than buy two dishwashers you might consider what I did which was to buy a commercial under-the-counter dishwasher. It is a Hobart LXi series. It has a two minute cycle and almost everything fits into it. All my big stock pots and Le Crueset can go through the dishwasher in two minutes. It is very expensive but it is the last dishwasher you will ever buy.

          1. I posted on this board on both appliances back 5/9/06. We, too, need a new refrigerator and dishwasher. I received many responses, but no one brand or model stood out. I still don't know what to buy. I would love to hear what you decide -- please post!

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              yes I read your post and responses and decided to post my own inquiry because there were not strong recommendations. I'm leaning towards the Amana bottom freezer refrigerator and two Kenmore dishwashers. (I would choose Bosch but I want 2 and get can 2 Kenmores for the price of one Bosch.) Am intrigued by a Hobart dishwasher. Clearly sub-zero and Hobart are top of the line. But I'm a legal aid lawyer so my kithcen budget is, uh, limited!

            2. Our Miele dishwasher has been great. We wanted either the Miele or Bosch because they're both so quiet, and ended up with the Miele because it has a built-in water softener and we have well water that's very hard. It also does a great job cleaning although the cycle time is longer than for the typical American products, which I understand is typical for the higher end European dishwashers.

              The top-of-the-line counter-depth Kitchen Aid refrigerator bought at the same time has been less satisfactory. It's quite noisy - the owner's manual admitted as much but also said you get used to it, which is true, more-or-less. The vegetable drawer likes to freeze things on occasion, even when the 'fridge compartment is set to the warmest setting. The ice dispenser, works fine but has the annoying feature that it sounds like it's about to explode. Minor irritations, perhaps, but irritations nonetheless.

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                DAve Westerberg

                We got a Kenmore 16032 and it's great--Consumer Reports "Best buy," too. Very quiet, cleans perfectly, holds tons, and reasonably priced.

                [By the way, I'm stymied by where to post things on this site. I've had posts deleted for being in the wrong place and this thread is a perfect example of how little I know. I would have put this on the General board, and it would have been deleted with a message telling me that Dishwasher and Refrigerators are discussed on the Home Cooking board. Oh well, I'll get it someday. Maybe.]

                Link: http://www.epinions.com/pr-Kenmore_16...

                1. We have the Amana French Door refrigerator and I love it! It is relatively new, but we have had no problems with it at all. I love the deli tray and the pull out shelves. Even the door shelves have pull out trays that are easy to clean when you have a spill.

                  We also have the Asko dishwasher. We wanted one with the buttons on the top. We really like it, and it's very quiet, but I wouldn't say that I love it quite as much as my fridge.

                  Good luck!! Lots of fun decisions ahead.

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                    what is the model # of the Amana. I am looking at them....

                  2. I hate the Bosch dishwasher that my wife bought to replace our KitchenAid. The dish baskets are cheaply built and the dishes do not sit upright with maximum surface exposed. The tableware basket is misshapened and the compartments are too small to jar caps. The top pullout basket has sharp little protrusions that have scratched me several times. The machine is an expensive piece of crap. It also takes forever to do a batch of dishes.

                    1. I can't afford premium appliances, so I always buy what's cheap and/or on sale. I can't say I love them -- I guess I don't get as emotionally attached to my appliances as some people -- but they've all done the job (my $400 fridge has never been the "wrong" temp anywhere) and been quite reliable. I just replaced my $200 dishwasher that lasted 13 years with another cheap (close-out at Sears) dishwasher that works just fine -- maybe it's not as quiet as a Miele, but it's quiet enough for my purposes (plus it has a delay function, so you can always set it to run after you've gone to bed).

                      If I were going to look for the dishwasher of my dreams, the most important thing would not be how quiet it was, but the configuration of the racks, which can vary quite a lot and may or may not be suited to the way you use your dishwasher.

                      1. Kenmore Elite dishwasher is excellent quality for a reasonable price. So quiet that I have to literally put my ear to the door to figure out if it's running or not, cleans beautifully and holds tons. The upper rack is adjustable to allow taller glasses or whatnot. And there are all sorts of optional racks and stuff that you can take out if you don't use them or put in if you do - like a knife rack, a small items basket, a little upper rack for I-don't-know-what thingies. I bought it in January and I absolutely love it. Service is easy to get and parts are available, being Sears after all - not that I've had to find out but I will tomorrow because one of our weekend guests idiotically yanked the door off the detergent dispenser and I have to get it replaced.

                        1. Don't love mine, but, saw the neatest thing on a TV show - maybe MS - redoing a kitchen w/ GE? appliances. The fridge had a drawer that you could adjust the temp to cool things super fast. Would be great for stock etc.

                          1. The link below to Garden Web, appliance forum should be very helpful. You can post your question or scroll through or search what is there. These people are very serious about appliances. I hope it helps!

                            Link: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/appl/

                            1. I have the Maytag Ice2O, french door with the bottom freezer and it is the best of all worlds. I haven't had any problems with it. I may someday change brands - who knows - but will never have any other style.