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May 21, 2006 08:14 AM

What's a cazador - and how do you use it?

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On my "to do" list I found an old notation -- "go to Newark and buy a cazador". When, and why, I wrote that down is now a mystery to me. I assume it's some kind of cooking vessel, probably made of pottery -- or at least, I think so. Can some hound enlighten me? And when get it, what do I cook with it??

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  1. Could it be a cazo (saucepan), cazuela (clay pan or casserole) or cazoleta (small cazuela)?

    Normally cazador means "a hunter" or "predator"--I'm not aware of a cooking dish that's called a cazador... There are a lot of dishes like "pan de cazador", "fideos cazador", "estofado de cazador", but this refers to either wild game or one-pot country dishes, not any particular cooking dish.

    1. "Cazador" translates to "hunter," so you probably were thinking of "cazuela," the traditional shallow (usually) Spanish terra cotta cooking vessel used for all kinds of stovetop and oven cooking tasks, as well as for serving. Tapas are often served in smallish ones. La Tienda has a good selection (see link).