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May 20, 2006 08:31 PM

margaritaville drink maker?

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Saw it on the Frontgate catalogue. Says it shaves the ice really well, then mixes. $300 but looks like it might actually work. Anybody try it? Alternatives?

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  1. The price seem outrageous and the concept ridiculous, unless you're really that into dacquiris and TGI Friday- style margaritas. I guess it depends on what you'd be using it for and if you'd actually get a ton of use out of it.

    1. What are you trying to make? A blended margarita? I just bought a Waring Pro (says retro RPM on it, slightly different from the one people usually post about on Amazon) and the first thing we made was a huge pitcher of frothy blended margaritas with fresh limes. Perfectly blended, no rocks. The blender was $150, and I used a 20% coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond. Totally worth it for the 1/2 horsepower engine.

      I think Amazon gives $25 off since it's a purchase over $125.