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May 20, 2006 05:15 PM

How to save leftover Roasted Beets?

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Should I vacuum seal them and keep them in the fridge (how long would they last in the fridge?), or the freezer?

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  1. I suppose you could freeze them ,but how many do you have?.

    Depending on what you roasted them in, you could cover them with olive and put them in the fridge. They would last a week to 2 weeks easy and taste awesome. Plus you could then use the olive oil in some nifty salad dressings.

    Otherwise put them in a plastic container and they will last a week likely.

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    1. re: shameless

      I have about 10 extra... (borscht didn't require as many as the recipe stated, per comments on Epicurious)

    2. I would not freeze beets, it would ruin the texture. I have roasted them whole and unpeeled in a covered casserole and after cooling them have refrigerated them in a zip bag for up to a week before peeling and using. A couple of weeks ago I did the same, popped them into the oven when I got them home from the store, cooled and stored. I had it in mind to make some pickled beets but just did not get around to it so I did a quick savory cold dish of sliced beets, balsamic vinegar, orange oil and fresh shredded mint. We did not eat it all at one sitting and 4-5 days later they were still delicious.

      I really wish someone would start producing the cooked and bagged beets such as the sort you can get in Europe. Just a step saver but then they would probably have to charge us something exorbitant for the convenience.

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        They sell cooked, vacuumed-packed beets at my TJs--they have a fairly long shelf-life (which is why I thought of vacuum-sealing mine).

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          The closest TJs to me is 1.5 hours away and I have not seen them there but thanks, I'll look for them next time I am up that way

      2. I keep them in the refrigerator just in a bowl, roasted and peeled, and covered with plastic wrap. They last for a week or 10 days. I have used them 2 weeks old, but I sometimes have to scrape off a tiny bit of mold in a couple of spots.

        1. I roasted beets last night and forgot to put them in the refrigerator, do you think they will be ok? I am going to use them in a salad.

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          1. re: lauraanenberg

            I did the same thing. What did you do? I figure they should be okay since there is no mold, but who knows? I also wondered if I should just reheat them just to be safe.

          2. Why not make some pickled beets? A little vinegar and some sugar boiled up and poured over sliced beets will keep for a long time. If you're not into sweet, try some garlic or dill.