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May 19, 2006 04:44 PM

Lots o' Mango Chutney

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During last year's mango season, I went a little nuts making chutney. I used the recipe in the Gourmet cookbook. I gave a lot of it away, but there's still a lot staring me in the face.

I like to put it on grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches (with bread substantial enough so that it would get soggy). I serve it with grilled or pan-seared pork. I love it with ham. I serve it as a condiment with rice and curried vegetables.

But these ideas aren't enough. I mean, I've got A LOT of the stuff. Any recipes?

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  1. I know it is very 60's but I love it mixed with creamcheese and spread on crackers. Same with hot pepper jelly.

    1. Well you've already discovered my chutney and white cheddar, which I particularly like on brioche.
      Deviled eggs made with curry powder, with a dollop of mango chutney on top.
      Recipe linked below for quinoa salad is great and super simple.
      Sorry none of these use alot...bit by bit.


      1. It is a very nice marinade for pork t'loins and chicken. Just roast with the chutney on and enjoy the pan sauce.

        1. Add a little curry powder and a good spoonful of chutney to the mayo you use for making chix salad - good w/ grapes or apples and walnuts mixed in.

          Mix some chutney into cream cheese and spread over a toasted english muffin and broil until bubbly.

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            try it in chicken salad instead of mayo
            use it in a stir-fry
            grilled chicken on focaccia:

            Season chicken with salt, pepper, garlic powder
            cook onions in oiled skillet until tender. Add chicken to the hot skillet & cook through. Mix together 1/4 c mayonnaise and 2T dijon & spread onto focaccia bread. Fill with chicken, onions and mango chutney.

          2. j
            janet of reno

            My husband loves Mango Chutney on grilled hallibut. It does work.

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