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May 18, 2006 09:39 AM

Pomegranate Molasses + yogurt = DELICIOUS

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Last night I was experimenting with salad dressing, and made a yogurt/pom. molasses with some vinegar (didn't have any lemon), dried mint, evoo, and oregano. Delicious. Why didn't I think of the yogurt/pom. mol. combo before? We actually were so enamored with the combination that we whipped up a variant (no oil, vinegar) as a sauce for our baked basmati brown rice pilaf/pork chops. I highly recommend the yogurt/pomegranate molasses combination. I actually think I would enjoy eating it for breakfast, just the two of them together. (But I LOVE pom. mol.) At any rate -- the possibilities seem limitless -- marinades, sauces, etc. Mmmmmmm. I'm contemplating a pomegranate molasses frozen yogurt, inspired by Carb Lover's balsamic strawberry gelato...

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  1. I make a salad dressing based on pomegranate molasses and evoo - simple and delicious. I agree pom. molasses makes a wonderful addition to lots of dishes in addition to the classics (fesenjan, muhammara etc). I hadn't thought of adding it to yogurt, I should try that too (though I can't imagine replacing my honey/yogurt with this yet).

    1. Thank you for sharing, that sounds delicious! Two of my favorite flavors, too, but wouldn't have considered combining them without your suggestion.

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        I know -- it was totally a EUREKA! moment. I usually make my pom. salad dressing with tahini and garlic and lemon -- delicious and creamy, but the yogurt variant was a real taste sensation. Post any exciting things you do with it!

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          Would you be more specific on yr. Salad Dressing w/Pom, Tahini, etc?? And what do you put it on?

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            I put the salad dressing on my basic salad -- greens, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, etc. Sometimes artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, or feta cheese, too. It's also good tossed with chicken for chicken salad. I like to shred leftover roasted chicken into small pieces, chop cucumber, red pepper small, toss with dressing and eat this atop greens, or in a sandwich. I usually actually add some yogurt if I want more of a chicken-salad creamy consistency.

            My tahini/pom. mol. starting dressing goes like this:

            1/3 C water
            1/3 C well-stirred tahini
            3 TBSP pomegranate molasses
            1/4 C fresh lemon juice (or red wine vinegar if I'm out of lemons, or half and half)
            2 minced garlic cloves
            salt and pepper to taste
            a sprinkle or two of dried or fresh oregano or mint
            a drizzle of olive oil for flavor
            sometimes I add a pinch of sugar or small drizzle of honey after I taste it.

            I either incorporate this with a whisk (tahini in cup first, then slowly whisk in water and vinegar, then proceed), or whirr it in the blender. I then dip a lettuce leaf in it, eat it, and usually end up adding more tahini, pomegranate molasses, salt, and pepper. I don't know how much more I add -- to taste -- but I use more pom. mol. than most people would probably like. I'm sorry I don't have exact measurements. It's pretty tahini-strong -- you could certainly use less! Enjoy.

      2. where do you buy Pomegranate molasses?

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        1. re: oilylady

          At any Mideastern store or any frou-frou gourmet store. At the first it will be less expensive.

          Yes, plain yogurt and pomegranite molasses is great. It is especially decadant if you just use the cream top of a big pint of Brown Cow yogurt. That thick part is like Greek yogurt.

          Strawberries mascerated in pommegranite molasses are good.

          It is also good in a bowl of oatmeal. In fact that is what is for breakfast this morning ... a bowl of oatmeal with a bit of pomegranite molasses and fresh strawberries.

          1. re: oilylady

            Trader Joe's has a new item called Pomegranate Glaze, I believe it's just different name for pom. molasses. Tried it on ribs and it rocks!

            1. re: berkleybabe

              Does it have sugar in it? Pomegranite molasses is just pomegranite juice that has been reduced to a thick syrup. No sugar, no nothing but pomegranite.

          2. I make a really simple pomegranate chicken with boneless chicken thighs, pomegranate syrup, ginger, garlic, olive oil, cinammon, turmeric, cumin, salt, pepper, and crushed walnuts. The thighs cook quickly and it makes a great sauce.

            1. A few days I made muhamarra (sp?) and it just knocked our socks off. Used the recipe on the Epicurious website - but with a little more pomegranate molasses than the recipe called for and a bit lighter on the garlic. I took it over to a friend's house for a munchie night and she wouldn't let me take the leftovers home.