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May 15, 2006 10:07 AM

Why can't you find bone-in sirloin steaks anymore?

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We are big carnivores and love all cuts of meat. Husband's favorite used to be pin bone sirloin steak. Used to find flat bone or pin bones all the time but lately, no more. Live in Ohio and the butchers and grocery stores only carry boneless sirloins. Would like to find some pin bone sirloins for Father's Day, any ideas?

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  1. Look for a real butcher shop. Our local chain grocery stores are selling everything boneless and I have talked to the guys behind the meat counter about this because I want steaks with bones in them, darn it. There's not much they can do about it; that's how the stuff is cut before it gets to the supermarket.

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      Diane in Bexley

      Yes, I have tried REAL butcher shops and their refrain is that no one get a whole beef anymore, just subprimals which are already semi-processed. The next step is to make a trip to the country and stick a 500 lb. steer in my trunk. I know if presented with half a cow I have the skills to cut it up, but I would not be able to send it to its demise. Just kidding...You can't get good veal in this part of the country either coincedentally. Think the butchers are just lazy??

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        There are big changes in the meat packing industry. Limited space does not allow the average market to process hanging beef. Most beef is shipped in cryovac packets without bones, usually primal cuts. You can see the problem with a whole sirloin sealed in cryovac with the big bone in. Most people do not want the bone.

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          Isn't there be a butcher in German Village who cuts meat to order?

      2. I looked up Bexley, Ohio on Google just to find out your general location. Google claims that Bexley is a 'burb of Columbus (OSU country, Bah humbug!). How far are you from Amish country? The Amish here in PA slaughter their own meat. Maybe if you can contact the Amish, you may be able to special order what you want.

        University of Illinois, Class of '61

        1. I still see bone-in rib eyes, would that be a good substitute?

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            I wouldn't presume to speak for Diane, but I, myself, don't think so. I grew up eating flat-bone sirloin, my mom's and dad's favorite cut. Nowadays I still crave 'em but can't get 'em. Plans for raising, slaughtering, and butchering my own steers are in the works.


            1. re: Jim Washburn
              Diane in Bexley

              Jim, in a couple of years when your steers are market ready, call me. As I mentioned, I don't think I could do the deed myself, but I feel confident I could process it into the right cuts, pretty handy with a knife! As someone else mentioned, Bexley is in Columbus, don't know of butcher shops in German Village, but I have tried Carfagna's, Weiland's, Broadmoor Market, Sam's Club, Giant Eagle and Meijer's. We are about 2 hours from Amish country, which is too far to go (sorry DH). Another poster suggested bone-in rib steaks, we may have to resort to that, can get those very easily, but it is not the same. Will keep looking for the elusive bone in sirloin. We are supposed to get Costco here in the fall, do they sell them?