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May 13, 2006 12:15 PM

Buying an immersion(stick) blender for soup- Which brand is best?

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Recognize it will be easier to puree with this tool but want to buy a reliable one. Which ones are good and which ones should we avoid? Any good prices at the national stores like Target?

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  1. I have one that I bought several years ago (8?), so I can't comment on brands. I will suggest picking one with a metal "stick/head" as my plastic one (Braun) cracked soon after I bought it, it still works fine though

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    1. re: John

      I was given a Cuisinart immersion blender last Christmas and love it. It's surprisingly big, or at least long, but once I got over that, I found it very easy to use, lots of power and easy to clean.

      1. re: cheryl

        I would ditto the Cuisinart. Have had one for a number of years, always dependable, no problems whatsoever with it.

        1. re: Monty

          Me too, I have had the Cuisinart for 8-10 years, no problems easy to clean and since i am just using it in sauces, dressings and soups it is powerful enough for my needs. It came with 2 other blades which I have never used and now don't even remember what they are supposed to be for.

          1. re: Candy

            Don't waste your time or $$ buying a cheapie model. There's not enough oomph to it, the button's too high to be comfortable, and it makes strange noises like it's gagging when you try to blend something thick.

            1. re: cindy

              Which cheapie model are you referring to?

        2. re: cheryl

          My first immersion blender was a Cuisinart.

          Unfortunately, the shaft cracked while I was travelling- it still works, but nowhere near as effectively and I'm always worried about either food or wash-water getting into the works through the crack.

          I know Cuisinart makes a metal version now, too.

          My current immersion blender is a 500w Kitchenaid. It's more powerful than my stand mixer, and has a long, heavy duty shaft. I bought the bundle with the mini-prep cup, too- I love that little thing! From the website, the whol package is about $120, I spent $75 two years ago.


        3. re: John

          if you don't need it for chopping ice, then any of the ones on the lower end of the scale - $20-$30 range, will work equally well. I have a braun that works very well, or you can get any other of a recognized brand and be fine with it. They all puree soups equally. The difference in price in these low-end versions usually depends on the attachments - many of which are useless in my opinion.

          Where you get into the more expensive, higher-end is where you get ones capable of chopping ice or really hard things. They usually run $90-$100+. They are great, but if you aren't planning on doing anything that requires chopping ice or other very hard objects, then I would go with an inexpensive model.

          Good luck.

          - Adam

          1. re: John

            My wife bought me a cuisinart snart stick two years ago and i ditto the other posts, works great