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May 13, 2006 09:04 AM

spice rack

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I want one. A large, wood rack that I can mount on a wall. I have had it with scrounging through my cabinet groping in the dark. Any suggestions for source?

I want one that allows some flexibility -- I don't want to move to a totally modular system and have to purchase the jars too. Plus I have alot of herbs, spices and seeds. This would improve my life in the kitchen almost as much as my hoped-for Viking/Wolf cooktop!

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  1. I have a narrow, 8-shelf, plastic-covered, wire rack (you know; like the Elfa brand stuff) hanging on the only free section of wall in my small NYC kitchen. It's about 18 inches wide and 5 inches deep. The top six shelves hold more than 60 bottles, cans, and other containers of herbs, spices, and extracts, alphabetically arranged (natch! In fact, I told my housekeeper not to clean them because she always puts them back in the wrong order). The bottom 2 shelves hold various sizes of jars containing sugar, flour, rice, beans, star anise, schezuwan peppercorns . . . etc., etc. I love this rack not only because everything I need is readily to hand, but because it has exactly the flexibilty you're asking for.