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carbon steel wok

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i see lots of posts about seasoning and caring for cast iron, but i don't see too many about carbon steel woks.

i followed the instructions on a website (see link below) to season my wok using crisco as the fat. it worked wonderfully... or so i thought. i used it a few times (always being careful to dry it, haet it up, and slightly reseason each time), but now i've noticed that some of the seasoning has flaked off!

this was a plain carbon steel wok, so it's not teflon or any other coating that's coming off... just some flakes of the actual seasoning.

i've reseasoned and it still serves me very well, but i miss that smooth, black, shiny interior! i guess it's still shiny and mostly black, but it's not as smooth as it used to be. i'm wondering if this is a common thing and what to do about it. suggestions?


Link: http://www.thaifoodandtravel.com/feat...

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