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May 11, 2006 02:30 PM

Cook tops

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I'm remodeling a kitchen in a brownstone and I have room for a 30", 4 burner (alas,no larger)cook top. I've never had a cook top before and was hoping that you might tell me what cook tops are the best in terms of burner output, ease of maintenance, etc. Cost is, thankfully, not a factor. I would appreciate as much information and detail as you are willing to give. Thanks

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  1. We have a viking, and it's great as a Wolf would be also, if they come in that size. Plenty of BTU's in both cases and easy to clean.

    1. We put in a Viking in our new house and it warked excellently. I'm sure a Wolf would do just as well.

      1. electric or gas?

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          Sorry I didn't indicate it would be a gas cooktop with a hood exhaust not a downdraft. Again, any opinions both positive and negative given from personal experience would be very welcome. Thanks again.

        2. A gas top requiers exaust hood. Look there first\\f. z.

          1. If you want electric we got one of the new kenmore induction units which is as powerful as gas with extremely easy cooktop. The surface does not heat up so boil overs just wipe up. The only draw back is your cookeare must be magnetic. so no alluminum.

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              Depends on how much of what kind of cookware you have, I think. I'd have to replace quite a few expensive pots and pans I've amassed over the years to be able to use an induction range.