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May 11, 2006 02:54 AM

Penzeys chili powder makes for some fine BBQ ribs

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This won't excite BBQ purists who've spent endless hours perfecting their craft, but it works for people like me who enjoy BBQ at home w/o too much fuss. Of course, there ain't nothin' like sultry smoke flavor from a smoker, but my shortcut oven method still infused the meat w/ some soul.

What was most surprising and successful about this batch of pork ribs was the rub. I generally like to mix my own to have better control of freshness, balance, and complexity, but I remembered the good-sized bag of Penzeys medium hot chili powder I had in my cupboard and was going for ease. Ingredients sounded adequate for my rub: sweet ancho chili pepper, cayenne red pepper, paprika, cumin, garlic, and Mex. oregano. I took the liberty of adding a touch of brown sugar. Generously rubbed all over the rack and let marinate for two days in the fridge.

While the sauce my husband made to mop on at the end of baking was darn good (ketchup, molasses, liquid smoke, worcestershire, tabasco?), the rub is what made the ribs sing! Flavor was nicely layered...smoky, peppery w/ just the right amount of sweetness. Balance of three peppers was right on. Garlic and oregano weren't really detectable, more like backnote accents that rounded out the flavor. Proportion was better than any rub that I've tried to make. Another Penzeys product I really like!

Just in case you wondered how I oven baked these: After marinating in rub for a couple of days, bring meat close to room temp. On foil-lined baking sheet, bake uncovered in 250F oven for 1.5 hrs. Cover for 1.5 hrs. Make sauce. Uncover and baste w/ sauce every 10-15 min. til ribs are nicely coated and meat is tender and pulls away from the bone easily. This took about an hour, making total cooking time 4 hrs. I've heard that 6 is better, but I didn't have the time.

What's the secret in your rub?


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    Thomas of Delaware

    Sounds great. Just have their catalogue in front of me and was ready to place an order - now to add the chili powder. Thanks for sharing. Love the photo

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    1. re: Thomas of Delaware

      Thanks. Hope you like it and share any creative uses for it. I'm using it as a rub for tri-tip that I will either grill or cook indoors. It's nice to find a chili powder blend that I truly like!! (many blends that I've tried have been flat and just not good)

    2. WOW - what a great photo! I just had breakfast but now I'm starving!
      I must agree that Penzy's chili powder is an essential ingredient for any rib rub.
      I gave my husband a smoker for his birthday last year, and the ribs he has produced have been outstanding!
      Your rub recipe sounds very close to what I think my hubby makes, although I have been banished from the kitchen (for secrecy sake) whenever he prepares his magic blend.
      Thank you for sharing!

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      1. re: TC

        My husband has been talking about getting a smoker. Unlike stereo equipment, I'm fully on board w/ this one!! :-D

        What brand/model of smoker did you get and any complaints so far?

      2. I've got a large supply of their hot chili powder mix that I use for my chicken chili, but as Alton Brown says, multi-tasking is better. Your oven ribs look pretty tasty.

        Sometimes I use the chili powder as a marinade for cut up skinless chicken breast, then sautee the chicken in some olive oil and use it to build tostadas.

        Link: http://www.indefatigable-indolence.or...

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        1. re: Chino Wayne

          Thanks, CW. I am currently marinating a hunk of tri-tip w/ the same chili powder. Will cook it tomorrow...

        2. t
          Thomas of Delaware

          Made them yesterday. Very good. Thanks.

          1. Thrilled to see your photos back on the site Carb Lover!!! You put my recent ribs to shame!!!