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May 10, 2006 07:23 AM

counterop convection oven

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Looking for a convection big enough to be functional (a tart, a pizza, a small roast). No AC, tired of doing all my baking at 7 am all summer. DeLonghi has the best selection but had mixed reviews on Amazon. The Cuisinart might be too small...any other brands? Catering-grade might be a possibility as I could order it through work.

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  1. I replaced my beloved Cuisinart with a larger, two-rack Krups that is wonderful. Easy to get online and at places like Bed Bath & Beyond.

    1. You might also take a look at convection/microwave ovens. Mine is a Sharp and when working in the combination mode it produces great results.

      1. I've had the DeLonghi for almost four years, carry it with me regularly to other people's houses, and the only trouble I've ever had with it is that occasionally the heating element slips out of place. Easy to fix, and hasn't happened since I made a minor adjustment. I've rotisseried ducks, roasted meats, made cakes, cookies, breads, etc.