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May 9, 2006 12:09 PM

Need a new dishwasher AND refrigerator...what should I get?

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Both our refrigerator and dishwasher are dying at the same time. We do not have to get the same brand for each, but what should I get?

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  1. For the dishwasher - hands down - get a Bosch. Stainless steel on the inside, uses condensation drying (so no more burnt tupperware lids that fall out of the rack), super energy efficiency and blessedly quiet. (I have to actually touch the dishwasher to figure out if it's running because it is virtually silent)

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    1. re: cbauer

      I love the special features you mention: quiet, stainless steel and condensation drying. I know Bosch was Consumer Report's first choice recently, but I have heard from several appliance repair persons that something like KitchenAide is better because parts are more available. Have you had any difficulty getting repairs and/or parts for the Bosch?

      1. re: Lynn

        I've had no difficulty getting parts. Not all service companies work on Bosch, but many do. I live in the Dallas area and purchased from Lowe's, so there is no problem getting service here.

      2. We're in the same predicament. For dishwasher, I think we've decided on Thermador which, although branded Thermador, is really made by Bosch. It is unbelievably quiet. Their model with the digital readout has heavier insulation than their pushbutton one and is quieter still. They have a little light that shines on the floor so you can tell if it's in operation, they're that quiet.

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        1. re: TomSwift

          Oh, how coooool is that little light that shines on the floor to tell you "I'm on!" I also love the QUIET feature, since we dine in the kitchen a lot!
          Tom, I think you and I travel the same streets of Southern California? Where are you purchasing yours?

          1. re: Lynn

            We haven't shopped price yet but we'll obviously get it at the cheapest place for that model. We most recently were at Universal on Ventura in Studio City. Frank, the assistant manager, really knows his stuff and was very helpful. The pushbutton model is # DWHD 64C and is $1,149 at Universal. The digital, quieter one is # DWHD 94B and is $1,669. Good hunting!

        2. We have an Asko, made in Sweden and it's been outstanding. All stainless, inside and out. All contols are on the top of the door so there is nothing external. Can't tell when it's running it's so quiet.

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          1. re: Monty

            How long have you had it? Have you had any repairs and/or problems?

            1. re: Lynn

              Put it in 7 years ago when we remodeled the kitchen. It has been problem free, no repairs, nothing.

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                7 years is pretty gooda by today's standards...thanks for this info.

                1. re: Lynn

                  WE have had an ASko dishwasher for 15 years and have had no problems with it at all. Not one single repair required (oh, I may have just jixed it!). We have a Kitchenaide Refrigerator that we like very much. A side by side built in. WE have a Subzero in our summer house (it is no wbout 15 years old) and we have subzero refrigerator draws in our mudroom (they are about three years old) and they are both extremely NOISEY. In our summer house we can hear the refrigerator from our bedroom upstairs. The refrigerator draws are equally loud even though they are very new. We lookedinto getting Bosch ovens recently and we were told that they are the "inexpensive" version of another well known appliance maker (I forget which one).

                  1. re: emilief

                    More info -- thanks!

                    1. re: emilief

                      I think the brand he meant may have been Gagganeau, it's similar to the Bosch equipment.

            2. We bought a Bosch dishwasher in 2001 and LOVE IT. Super quiet (but no light at the bottom). Cleans very well and never had a problem. For refrigerators, please do NOT buy a Viking - I sure wish I hadn't.

              If you want more opinions on this subject than you could ever imagine, post a query at the link below.


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              1. re: cheapskate

                Thanks! I will check out the link!
                You have answered my concerns with the Bosch dishwasher...5 years of smooth operation...I guess that's pretty good! The downside to buying a Bosch -- so I have been advised -- is the repair problem. I have been told that it is more difficult to repair and get parts, etc. etc. While this makes no sense to me, most that have advised me like KitchenAide. But the Bosch seems to be better...?????

                1. re: Lynn

                  I think these high end appliances just have problems. We've never had one with the dishwasher, but I've read about others who did. Our refrigerator (Viking), oven (Bosch) and cooktop (Thermador -- now GE) have all given us significant headaches and probably will keep doing so in the future. (the cheapo frigidaire washer/dryer does 6 loads a day and never complains -- go figure) I'm generally not a fan of those extended warranties, but I bought a 10-year one for the GE cooktop after our Thermador broke down more than four times in 5 years - repair costs had already doubled the purchase price by the time we cried uncle and got a different one. If something happens now, it's not my problem. DEFINITELY ask about service when you buy and if possible buy from a place that has its own service dept. (we did not and are continually sorry....)

                  1. re: cheapskate

                    This is very sound advice, indeed! I, too, run multiple loads a day (dishwasher and clothes washer and dryer) and I just don't want to have to worry about them! HOWEVER, I think some of the new machines are just not very reliable. I opened our Kenmore Elite Top-of-the-Line washer to find that all the clips and other metal parts are rusty (this was only about a year after purchase!)...duh!!! We have had nothing but trouble with our washer and dryer. Now this same washing machine I not surprised? We did have service agreements; however, they could not deliver the service in a reasonable period of time. So, I am very concerned about my next major appliance purchase.
                    I agree that the electronics are quite costly to repair...what to do? This is why I am doing some "homework" prior to our purchase, and I appreciate your input.

              2. Once you've narrowed down the field a bit, grab a few of the glasses and dishes you use the most and "try on" the racks in each of the top runners.

                We eliminated a couple of models because they wouldn't hold the large stoneware ramen bowls we use all the time. Others couldn't efficiently hold the shallow salad bowls or taller wine and champagne flutes. Granted I don't need to wash the flutes every day, but when I have a party I like to be able to put 20 of them in and not have to worry.

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                1. re: Larry

                  Very wise...I like your "hands on" approach...good advice -- thanks!