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May 9, 2006 11:45 AM

Cast Iron Pan

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My cast iron pan, which I use a lot (and so figure it should be conditioned) has spots which always need to be oiled after use. It gets dry and splotchy. How do I condition it so it will be like the cast iron pans I see in restaurant kitchens? Any advice?

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  1. What do you cook in your pan, and how do you clean it?

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    1. re: paulj

      I cook things that don't cause too much of a cleaning problem. I actually clean the way the others have mentioned so maybe I'm doing what's right. What kind of oil do you all "spray" on?

      1. re: Zephyr

        I just pour a small amount of my regular cooking oil (canola) in the hot pan, and rub it around with a wadded paper towel, and let it smoke a bit. For this purpose I don't see much point using a more expensive spray.

        Since it has been suggested that oil can leave a sticky surface, I'm experimenting with using a bit of palm oil shortening (the stuff that is high in saturated fats, but low in trans fats).


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          I keep some of my everyday olive oil in a Quick Mist spray can and use that since it's what most regularly to hand. Never, ever, had any kind of "stickiness" problems.

      2. I ALWAYS oil my pans after each use, even though they're now so well seasoned they're shiny-black and I can clean them with a paper towel. After use I clean them without soap, put them on the burner until they're good and hot, spray them with a bit of oil, wipe out the oil with another paper towel, and turn off the burner. Those pans are my babies. I don't let anyone else wash them.

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        1. re: JoanN

          That is exactly what I do.

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            cleaning without soap is key