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May 8, 2006 10:19 AM

bbq tool/utensil set

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i'de like to by a bbq tool/utensil set - its a gift for a foodie, so i'de like it to be great quality, but also look elegant. do you know any websites i could find them from? (or shops - i live in london/uk) - thanks.

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  1. At least in the USA there is a distinction between the quick cooking over high heat (grilling), and long slow cooking over low heat (BBQ, smoking). Still, there are some items that may be useful for both.

    For example a long pair of tongs, that let you grab and turn the meat without getting your hands too close. Heat proof gloves are also useful - BBQ in particular use heavy duty leather ones. A meat thermometer, preferably one with a remote reading probe, is valuable. I suspect a thermometer built into a fork is too gimicky.

    While you might be able to find some of these items in a fancy set, I think a restaurant supply store would be better. In the USA a number of these are open to the general public, and are increasingly popular with the serious foodies.