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May 6, 2006 01:28 PM

Dip for artichoke leaves needed

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i am thinking of grilling some artichokes tomorrow. Does anyone have any good sauces to dip the leaves in? Thanks

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  1. For a creamy dip, I do the following (it's not a recipe, just something I watched my mom do and picked up). Mayonnaise, enough dijon mustard to slightly change the color, enough capers (drained) to stud the sauce. I usually serve that along side two viaigrettes. One with champagne vinegar, olive oil (1:2) and chopped dill. One with balsamic, olive oil (2:1) with an additional tbsp. Balsamic syrup (reduced balsamic) and a smattering of herbs (parsley, thyme, chervil, or to taste).

    1. We have abundent artichokes here- and my favorite dipping sauce is mayo with Braggs Amino Acid whisked in, or a low salt soy sauce works too.
      Sometimes I smash and use my knife to turn a garlic clove into paste and add it too- though add a little at a time, as it is pretty strong.
      A tiny bit of "dirt oil" , aka truffle oil, makes the mayo/soy YUMMY!

      1. A favorite around my home is Dianne Raoose Worthington's red bell pepper aioli for artichokes. It is nothing more than a roasted and peeled red bell pepper pureed in the food processor with good mayo and garlic. With cold artichoke leaves is excellent. I used leftovers in a potato salad once and that was really good too and the sauce is such a pretty color against the green of the leaves

        1. I used to love butter, but health is important, so now I use yogurt with mashed garlic and some salt mixed it. Very easy, very good.

          1. Don't laugh, but Seven Seas Creamy Italian (must be the creamy type) makes an excellent dip for artichokes, as well as a dressing for tomato, avocado, and onion salad. We love it.