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May 4, 2006 07:22 PM

canned oysters?????

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Any suggestions on how to prepare canned oysters?can they be fried????

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  1. aren't they already smoked? If so, take a cracker, add cream cheese, put oyster on top and eat. yum!

    The fresh ones in a jar are frying material (or raw).

    1. If your canned oysters are fresh (instead of smoked) they are already cooked. A twice-cooked oyster is bound to be tough so I wouldn't fry them. I used to cook on a sailboat in Maryland's Chesepeake Bay and would have been keelhauled if anyone knew that I had a couple of cans of "arysters" on board. However, I found them helpful in an emergency -- chowder or pasta. They are in the "ok-won't-kill-you-but-not-very-good" food category. Truly, the kindest thing I can say about canned oysters is they make an acceptable sauce when you're in a pinch.
      P.S. I haven't had any on my pantry shelf since leaving the sailboat more than twenty years ago.

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        You write beautifully and should consider starting a blog. Begining with your days as a sailboat galley cook? Just as springboard. And then-right off the plank.
        Loved that keelhaul line...and the arysters.
        I'm teetering on the edge of blogging myself, but start to totter after reading stuff like yours here. You'd be better at it.

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          Thank you for your kind words. I'm entirely too lazy to succeed at a blog. When I write, it is generally under the mantle of inspiration, not deadlines. I did write for publication once-upon-a-time and detested the fact that I HAD to write. I believe that it was Mark Twain (?) who mused, "I hate to write, but love to have written".

      2. If they're not the smoked ones, you can fry them. My mom did this quite a lot when I was a kid (transplanted to west texas from gulf coast).

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          Just a cornmeal and flour batter,or coating????Hush puppies???? Hot Sauce??? can I add them to any rice dish's ?????? peanut oil fry?