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May 3, 2006 06:51 PM

Jaques Pepin's knife

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I was aked to re-post this message on this board:

Does anyone know exactly which knife Jacques Pepin uses for chopping on his PBS show? I use a Wüsthof-Trident 10-inch chef's but it doesn't have the rocking motion I see in his.

Someone thought it was a Henkles and another said it was a Lamson's chef knife but does anyone know for sure?

I know I'll never have his technique but maybe his knife would be a start.


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  1. Bump. I'd love to know too. Pepin himself said that the most important tool for a good cook is good knife.

    1. Pépin doesn't use just one kind of chef's knife. I think I've seen him use one with "ripples" in the surface, though usually it's flat. Whether it's consistent within one series or varies from show to show, I don't know; PBS in NYC is running "Essential Pépin" and rerunning "Fast Food My Way" just now, and I don't bother to keep them straight. He consistently uses a "utility knife" with onions etc. that's an inch or two longer than my paring knife but not nearly as long as a chef's knife, which is what I use for that. All his knives are incredibly sharp, and that (as well as long-practiced technique) is how he does it.

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        the one with ripples is probably from Kaji, they like that...

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. In his new show, Essential Pepin, he's using a Shun premier chef's, petty and paring knife.  Prior, he was using a Mac petty and somesort of  german chef's knife with a big belly...maybe a Henckle.

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            The two German makes with the bigger bellies are Messermeister and the F Dick 1905. The 1905 is probably the most pronounced I've seen.


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              Yep I've noted the use of a petty.
              I'm having a ball with my petty. Great for a lot of little tasks

            2. This thread has me paying closer attention to Pépin's shows, but I have to say that he doesn't seem to have much preference for one kind of knife over another. Just watched the episode of "Essential Pépin" about salmon, tuna, and skate. For one dish he'll use his chef's knife (a shortish flat big-bellied one) for everything, for another he'll use a utility knife; smashing and chopping garlic, chopping onions and vegetables, doing a julienne of lemon rind, even slicing steaks or whatever from a hunk of tuna, either knife will do. He also used a paring knife to fish anchovy filets from a tin, but only for that.)

              Not much help for boitz2000 there, I'm afraid. It's all in the hands, not the knives, as long as they're very sharp. The knives, that is. :-)

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                Definitely not for boitz2000, considered that he asked the question more than 6 years ago. :)