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May 3, 2006 04:01 PM

burger patties in the oven?

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Hi, everyone! Just discovered this board in chowhound and I'm so WOW'ed!

I'm thinking of making a huge meal for about 10 friends, and want to make a good wholesome burger one of the options. I would like to actually cook the burger patties in the oven. What do you guys think? Is it do-able? What temp should I use? How long for juicy-ness? Has anyone tried this before?

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  1. sounds more like you want to make a meatloaf... which is so underrated.

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    1. re: Ida Red

      OOOOHHH! That gets my vote too...make meatloaf sandwiches instead of burgers. YUMMY.

    2. Besides, You can successfully do burgers in the oven if you use a broiler pan that allows fat to drip away from the meat. (Otherwise the fat congeals around the burger yielding a product worse than Jack `N The Box.)
      If the burgers are large and thick, roast at 350 for about 10 minutes and then finish with the broiler to brown. Be sure and toast the buns or the end product will (again) taste like Jack `N The Box.

      1. I did turkey burgers in the oven last night- put them on toasted onion cheese rolls with yellow tomatoes, avocado and red onion!!

        I line a cookie sheet with foil- put on a cookie rack/any type rack will do, slap the burgers on the rack and season @ 325* for about 15 minutes/ 20 minutes ( I do tater tots at the same time).

        Not exactly chowhound, but quick yummy and easy.

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          JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

          Don't do it. Burgers are best when cooked quickly on a hot grill; the outside gets a nice crusty char, while the inside stays juicy. If you cook them in the oven, they will end up evenly cooked gray all the way through, which isn't nearly as delectable. If you're set on cooking them in the oven, crank up your broiler, let it preheat very well, and broil them for a couple of minutes per side. But I really, really would recommend the grill.


          1. Not a good idea. Burgers are made for high flame (compact heat) quick cooking. Even if you use the broiler you, will have fat splatering around and your fire alarm will surely go off from the smoke. Not to mention the time it will take for you to clean the oven.