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Malo Restaurant Burnt Habanero Creme Salsa

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I'm hooked on this stuff!! Anyone have a clue what's in it, or how to make it??

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  1. You don't even tell us where Malo Restaurant is located?!!

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    1. re: Timowitz

      Give the OP a break! He was just told to move this from the Los Angeles board. For those not familiar with Malo Restaurant, they make a creamy, smokey habanero salsa that is quite tasty. Their menu describes it as a "burnt habanero & creme fraiche" salsa.

      Link: http://www.malorestaurant.com/Menu.htm

      1. re: DanaB

        I've never been there so I can't compare... but... based on what you said there, I'd say:

        either dried, smoked habaneros, toasted and crumbled, or roasted habaneros
        roasted tomatoes, garlic and onions
        bunch of mexican crema
        salt and pepper

        since I don't know what Malo's sauce is like, I'm not sure what they do with their tomatoes. If the whole thing is creamy, then you could roast the tomatoes, puree everything, then mix with the crema and chopped cilantro. If it is a sort of chunky creamy, then I'd chop the tomatoes and other ingredients.

        Again, not knowing their salsa, frankly, I'd go with the crumbled dried habanero. You could sort of get a queso fundido type of consistency. Then you could just puree the roasted garlic or onions with the crema, crumble in the chile... mmm...

        anyhow, just a few thoughts...

        1. re: adamclyde

          It's creamy, pureed, a pinkish hue with an edge of orangey-burnt color. I'm guessing it's something like a dried habanero, toasted on a griddle, then put in hot water to soften and blend to a liquid chili puree. Then, mix in the creme fraiche and seasonings. Perhaps garlic goes in earlier, but it tastes to me like a hot roasted chili, blended or strained until smooth, mixed with a cream to smooth it out.

      2. re: Timowitz

        OK, sorry, Malo is in Los Angeles, specifically on Sunset in Silverlake

      3. Thanks so much guys/gals, I hadn't thought of dried habaneros...lots of great ideas! I'll let you know how it turns out.

        1. Update---One of the servers told me it includes honey, chipotles and orange juice. I've come up with a few similar salsas but nothing dead-on.

          1. I just asked the server tonight and she said it was:

            Canned chipotle peppers
            lime juice
            orange juice
            crema (sour cream)

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            1. re: tanuki_noir

              oh my gosh! that sounds delicious!!! i'm going to try to make it and i know it will be EXACTLY like the original (in my mind).

              1. re: raygunclan

                Im a addicted to Malo Habanero creme salsa! Did you make it, how was it? I feel like there may be honey in it because its sweet.

            2. I taste bbq in there... I bet it's habaneros, mexican crema, chipotles, honey, oj, lime juice.... I'm going to try making it!

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              1. re: celbel

                The "habanero" is a misnomer. The chipotle peppers are surprisingly very hot. If you add habanero you will likely have a fire in your mouth. I've made it before and got pretty close. You want to use the canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce... l used Embasa brand.

              2. Could you be picking up some smoke from Spanish style smoked Paprika?

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                1. re: shallots

                  For what it's worth, this was on ABC7 Local News:
                  Mas Malo's Burnt Habanero Crème Salsa recipe

                  Serving for 8 people


                  4 Habaneros roasted
                  2 cups of orange juice
                  10 oz of sour cream
                  8 oz of honey
                  6 oz of achote paste


                  Blend in blender and serve with chips.

                  1. re: louieimportante

                    I cannot wait to try this. I, too, am addicted. It is simply incredible stuff.

                    1. re: louieimportante

                      sound great maybe a litte thin? will give it a go


                      1. re: don515

                        Is it just served with chips and salsa or is there something else you like to have with it?


                        1. re: don515

                          Sounds good enough for a marinade for pork or even shrimp or a firm fish... I have to try this.

                        1. re: OrangeYouGlad

                          If you made it, please let us know if it was all you wanted!!!

                          It sounds amazing.

                          1. re: ItalianNana

                            Hey ItalianNana,

                            So I made this a couple of hours ago and it was not the recipe! It was very watery and tasted nothing like the Malo Restaurant Burnt Habanero Creme Salsa. There are two kinds of achote paste one red and black. I bought the red and and I think Malo uses black.

                            I will go to Malos in the next few days and find out how its made exactly

                            1. re: OrangeYouGlad

                              I've lived in the Yucatan and I feel quite safe in saying that there is no such thing as black achiote.

                              There is recado negro, a Yucatecan black spice paste made from charred chiles, but it's not achiote, not interchangeable with it. (Achiote for one thing does not contain chiles.) Though it could make an interesting salsa component.

                              1. re: Soul Vole

                                Well you're wrong there is a black achiote past. I had both boxes in my hand and went with the red because the women at the market said the red is the most commonly used. But thank you for that.

                                1. re: OrangeYouGlad

                                  Well it turns out I am wrong. Recado negro (AKA chilmole) is sometimes referred to as "achiote negro" or "black achiote".

                                  But it's quite rare -- only a couple hundred hits on Google. "Chilmole" would be the thing to look for on the box for anyone who's looking for it.

                                  I checked a couple brands and both El Yucateco and La Anita use burned habaneros, so you may be on to something here.

                        2. re: louieimportante

                          ABC7 got played! I just made thus, it's soupy and nasty. Messed up of Malo to give this recipe out. Especially since they've gone so downhill, they should leave us something when they close!