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May 1, 2006 06:08 AM

Turkish sour pomegranate extract (Nar Eksisi)

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Back from Istanbul with a bottle labeled Nar Eksisi (sour pomegranate extract). Can anyone advise me on what to do with this stuff? Someone there recommended sprinkling on salads. Thanks.

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  1. I should think you can use it in the same way we use the Pom' molassas- namely I love it in a garlic marinade for lamb or chicken. Nice also in those thngs that benefit from a bit of tang, namely we have used it in butternut squash soup and in sauces to give the hard to name quality. enjoy

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      I use this delicious syrup in marinades mixed with red wine and herbs for chicken and lamb and saw a GREAT recipe pairing it with blue fish. It is used as a souring agent,is similar but sweeter than tamarind and also has sugar in in so when you grill foods marinated in it, wonderful carmelization occurs. Google pomegranite molasses or syrup recipes or go to epicurious . com. This is an important ingredient in Persian, Georgian (Russia) and Turkish foods, and is often mixed into ground walnuts, garic, ground coriander seed and salt to make delicious sauce. There are marvelous, very authentic recipes employing pomegranite molasses in the books, "The Cooking of The Eastern Mediterranean" by the GREAT Paula Wolfert and in "The Georgian Feast" by Dara Goldstein. I love this stuff and have even used it to flavor ice cream. It is readily available at Bitars and other stores carrying Middle eastern foods.

    2. Try making fesenjan, a delicious Persian chicken dish with walnuts and pomegranate!

      1. Congrats on purchasing a great product, joseph. I've been to Turkey several times and every time there I get Nar Eksisi. I love it sparingly sprinkled on salads. It beats vinegar hands down and probably is more healthy, too. I pair my Nar with argon oil (imported from Morocco). Enjoy.