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Apr 30, 2006 02:55 PM

Cotija cheese

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So I picked up a big block of Cotija cheese at the store today and I've no idea what to do with it. Aside from using it over salad like feta, what else can I do? I know I've seen recipes but none come to mind. Suggestions?

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  1. I like stuffed piquillo peppers, a typical spanish tapa.
    If you scroll down to the feta post below, toodie jane, has posted a recipe for chiles rellenos, which would also be a nice option.
    It's great crumbled over the top of soft-corn tortilla tacos as well.

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      fantastic over sopes (corn masa boats) i recently bought a cut myself as well...i also used it on steamed broccoli imparts excellent salty qualty to broc.

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      1. I crumble it on most anything Mexican. I especially like it on refried beans.

        1. Use it like a wetter version of parmesan.

          I've added it to meatballs, sprinkled it on pasta and added it to eggs. Anything that would benefit from a little added saltiness or tanginess is a good candidate for cotija.

          1. I use it over tacos and combined with a better melting cheese in a quesadilla snack. The delicious Cafe Habana grilled corn also has cotija: