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Apr 26, 2006 07:03 PM

Have You Ever Fried with Rice Flour Breading?

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Michael Chiarello fries chicken with arborio rice flour breading. Never heard of such a thing myself. Have you?

Here's his method: overnight marinade: rosemary & balsamic vinegar. Right before frying he adds buttermilk. Then dips in the rice flour, back to the buttermilk sol., back in the rice flour. Then he fries in 1/2" of oil at 360, turning once.

Sounds interesting, no?

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  1. Yeah...I've done it.
    The coating is very nice and thin...quite crispy.
    I don't know if I'd like it on fried chicken, as I like more of a crusting, but I've done it on onion rings...really great.

    1. To me, marinating the chicken overnight in balsamic vinegar (or any vinegar) would seem unusual but worth a try.

      As to your question, I have had a recipe for Arborio rice coating for some time but bever got around to using it yet. It's copied below.

      I have used regular rice flour many times for breading fish and shrimp after they have first been soaked in buttermilk. Sometimes I'll dip them a second time in the buttermilk and then give a second coating of cracker meal. Either way, it always turns out very good.

      Here is the recipe I referred to above:

      Arborio Rice Coating by MEAN CHEF

      This gives an especially crisp crust to fried fish fillets, squid, shrimp, eggplant and veal cutlets. You may as well make a lot because it keeps well in the freezer, and it's hard to grind less than 1 cup of rice in a blender. If you have a spice/coffee mill, you can halve the recipe. And you can grind the rice in small batches. Or to use as a thickener for gravies, soups, and stews.

      1 cup arborio rice
      1 cup semolina
      3 cups all-purpose flour
      2 tablespoons table salt (see Chef's Note)
      1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

      1. Put the rice in a blender and grind until very fine.
      2. Shake out into a large bowl and add the semolina, flour, salt, and pepper.
      3. Toss until well blended.
      4. Store in a sealed container in the freezer to maintain maximum freshness.

      1. I have purchased plain rice flour for coatings many times. I especially like it for coating chicken pieces in Lemon Chicken. Light and crispy. Bob's Red Mill produces it.

        1. Rice flour adds crispy snappy texture to baked goods too, like cookies and shortbread-type tart crusts. Add a moderate amount, substituing for a like measurement of the primary flour.