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Apr 25, 2006 03:11 PM


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So, aside from stuffying and frying (or any frying), what would you do with about 10-12 small to large fresh jalapenos? Just roast then do something with the roasted innards? Normally I'd smoke them (atomic buffalo turds) but looking for something a little more healthy to prepare in kitchen rather than grilling/smoking.

Thanks in advance


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  1. Pickle them and refrigarate for future use in tacos, nachos, salsa, black bean salad...

    To pickle, slice jalpenos, bring white vinegar with salt, sugar, garlic to a simmer. Add jalepenos, note the shorter the cooking time the more heat in the jalpenos, so I cook mine for about 3/4 mins.

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      this sounds good -- sorry to be dense, but for storing, does this mean sterilizing/sealing/ all of that? I don't have that kind of equipment but making my own pickled jalapenos sounds like a good idea.

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        I make my own pickled jalapenos all the time. So simple. Slice add to vinegar water solution, boil 2 minutes, cool & put in jar in the fridge. Any jar or plastic container will do. As long as it's pretty vinegary it will last a very long time. You can make your next batch with the same liquid.

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        When I buy only a handful of jalapenos at the farmers market, the guy always laughs at me. What are you supposed to do w/ more than a bunch of them at a time? Add some thinly sliced carrots to the pickling mix above and you end up with the spicy carrot condiment they serve at some restaurants. Tasty!

      3. make some pico

        1. I freeze them whole in a ziploc bag when I have too many (not sure if that's the issue) - they don't need to be defrosted for slicing or chopping.

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            Do you want them to be able to stor for a while or will you use within several days?
            To store: make pickled jalapenos. Slice the short way 1/4" thick, place in sauce pan with medium strong vinegar water solution. Not balsamic. White or applecider, or rice vinegar would be best - maybe red wine vinegar if that's all you have. Just bring to a boil, and boil for 2 minutes. Allow to cool a bit and store in a jar in the fridge - will last forever. So useful.

            For fresh salsa cruda/pico de gallo: if you have a food processor this is super E-Z. Process until 1/2" size all in the bowl at once: peps., 1 med. chunked onion (red if you have it), 8 tomatoes - quarter first, juice of 4 limes - if you only have lemon, that will do, bunch of cilantro leaves. This will last longer without getting all soggy if you salt to taste just the amount you will be using and not the whole batch.

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              I meant to eat like within in the week or so, a recipes using lots of jalapenos. These seem kind of mild. I might just cut into strips and freeze but maybe I can make up a few batches of salsa for the week/weekend.

            2. Slice 'em thin. Put 'em on a sandwich with meat, cheese, mayo. Enjoy. Drink beer as needed.