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Mar 23, 2004 11:14 AM

chicago style thin crust pizza at gumbah's, vallejo

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i ordered a chicago style thin crust pizza at gumbah's

they only have one kind, cheese and sausage, the lady told me it was their homemade sausage they put on the pizza

anyways, i've never had thin crust pizza in Chicago, but the pizza i got at gumbah's had a very thin crust, thinner than NY style, the thickness of the crust was maybe about two tortillas, and the cheese went all the way out ot the edge of the pizza

i really liked it, the crust had a saltine cracker like feel because it was so crispy, it stood up to the sauce and cheese and wasn't soggy at all, and there was a nice amount of sauce to cheese (it may have had a tad bit too much cheese - but i didn't mind), i just wish there was more sausage on it

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  1. Hey, you finally made it there for the pizza. Thanks for the report. I called Gumbah's a couple weeks ago to see if they were still open. They said that the place is still for sale and they'll stick with it until then.

    I almost went there yesterday myself, but thought better of it since I had left over Arizmendi pizza for my morning meal. (G)

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      Aren't the pizzas good? After downing a sandwich there a while back I took home one of the frozen pizzas an made it that night....excellent

      1. re: DJ Mark 7

        You're ahead of me - I haven't had the pizza yet. Good to know they're available frozen.